Sikkim: STNM hospital celebrates International Nurses Day

Sikkim: STNM hospital celebrates International Nurses Day

The Sikkim Government Nurses Welfare Association (SGNWA) and STNM Hospital celebrated International Nurses Day with a special event. The theme 'Our Nurses, Our Future: The Economic Power of Care' was highlighted, emphasizing the crucial role of nurses in healthcare.

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  • Sikkim Government Nurses Welfare Association (SGNWA) and STNM Hospital celebrated International Nurses Day
  • The event highlighted the crucial role of nurses in healthcare
  • Sikkim CM, Prem Singh Tamang, expressed his admiration for nurses worldwide

The Sikkim Government Nurses Welfare Association (SGNWA), in collaboration with STNM Hospital, marked the International Nurses Day celebration today, in the auditorium of STNM Hospital Sochaygang. The theme for this year, 'Our Nurses, Our Future: The Economic Power of Care', emphasized the pivotal role nurses play in healthcare.

Dr. Ruth Yonzon, PCC cum Medical Superintendent at STNM Hospital, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest, joined by esteemed guests including Dr. Suresh Madan Rasaily, AMS-1, Dr. Chintamani Sharma, AMS-2, and Dr. DB Bista, Director of STNM Hospital.

The event kicked off with a warm welcome address by Ms. Neelam Rasaily, General Secretary of SGNWA, setting the tone for a day of recognition and appreciation for nursing professionals.

On this occasion Sikkim CM, Prem Singh Tamang expressed his admiration, stating, "Nurses serve as essential intermediaries in patient care, ensuring seamless coordination between doctors and patients through the execution of care plans, medication administration, and meticulous monitoring of individual needs. As we observe International Nurses Day, commemorating the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale, I extend my sincere greetings and best wishes to nurses worldwide. This year's theme is 'Our Nurses. Our Future. The economic power of care,' emphasizes the significant impact nurses have on healthcare systems. I express my admiration for the unwavering dedication and invaluable contributions of nurses globally, acknowledging their unmatched commitment to patient welfare and healthcare excellence".

In her address, Dr. Ruth Yonzon lauded the indispensable contributions of nurses to the global healthcare landscape. She highlighted their dedication, resilience, and compassion, acknowledging them as the backbone of healthcare systems worldwide. Drawing inspiration from Florence Nightingale, she praised nurses as unsung heroes who tirelessly provide healing and comfort to patients.

Dr. Yonzon emphasized the multifaceted roles of nurses, not only as caregivers but also as educators and advocates for health promotion and equity. She urged everyone to express gratitude towards nurses and to invest in their professional growth and recognition.

The event also included special acknowledgments, with the late Mrs. Indira Kala Matthema's family honored for their support to SGNWA. Additionally, Mr. Diwaker Lamichaney and Mr. Shiva Chettri from OVIYA ART Circle Sikkim were recognized for their artistic contributions to the Pediatrics Ward I and II at STNM Hospital, creating a more engaging environment for young patients.

Ms. Kamala Bhattarai, Joint Director of NSG, highlighted the remarkable achievements of nurses in the past year, showcasing their dedication and commitment to excellence.

The celebration concluded on a cultural note with a performance by the Nursing Faculty, followed by heartfelt thanks from Ms. Amrita Cintury, Nurse Educator.

The event was attended by members of SGNWA, officers, and officials from STNM Hospital, special guests, and students, all coming together to honor and celebrate the invaluable contributions of nurses to healthcare and society

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Published On: May 12, 2024