Sikkim's Citizen Action Party accuses ruling SKM of mishandling disaster relief funds

Sikkim's Citizen Action Party accuses ruling SKM of mishandling disaster relief funds

The Citizen Action Party has accused the ruling Sikkim Krantikari Morcha of misusing central government funds meant for disaster relief and failing in effective disaster management. CAP Chief Coordinator Ganesh Rai expressed these concerns during a visit to Governor Laxman Acharya.


The Chief Coordinator of the Citizen Action Party, Ganesh Rai, on June 18 accused the Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM) of misusing central government funds allocated for mitigating natural disasters in the state. 

Expressing grave dissatisfaction with the SKM's governance since assuming power after the recent elections, Rai said, "The SKM party has not only failed to effectively manage natural disasters but has also resorted to intimidating tactics against citizens and government employees.”

He said that the Citizen Action Party, Sikkim delegation visited Governor of Sikkim Laxman Acharya at Raj Bhawan, Gangtok.

The delegation submitted the memorandum to Governor and raised party’s concerns on the intimidating speeches made by the newly formed government, effective implementation of Disaster Management Act 2005 and various others important issues of the state of Sikkim.

Highlighting the recent loss of nine lives and extensive damage caused by monsoon-related incidents in Sikkim, Rai criticised the SKM's attribution of landslides solely to natural causes. 

"This is a clear failure of the SKM government to implement the Sikkim Disaster Management Act of 2005," he said, further adding, "Proper disaster management planning is essential from the village to district levels, which the state government has neglected."

Rai further alleged that despite receiving substantial funds, amounting to 100 crores rupees for disaster mitigation, the SKM government has not utilised them effectively. 

"Businesses are suffering, infrastructure is crumbling and Sikkim is plunging into poverty every year due to these failures," Rai said.

The Citizen Action Party leader urged Governor Acharya to intervene and ensure proper utilisation of funds for disaster management purposes. "We demand transparency and accountability from the SKM government in handling these critical funds," Rai said. "The welfare of Sikkim's citizens should be paramount, not political agendas."

Rai called upon the people of Sikkim to unite against what he described as government intimidation tactics. "We must stand together to ensure our voices are heard and our concerns addressed," he said.

Governor Acharya assured Rai and the Citizen Action Party of addressing their grievances with the SKM government. "I will convey your concerns to the state administration and ensure steps are taken to improve disaster management and governance," the governor promised.

Edited By: Avantika
Published On: Jun 18, 2024