Sikkim's health sector has significantly progressed: Kurseong MLA

Sikkim's health sector has significantly progressed: Kurseong MLA


GANGTOK: B.P. Bajgain, an MLA from Kurseong, arrived in Gangtok on Wednesday afternoon to meet GJM president Bimal Gurung, who has been receiving medical treatment here since Monday. Bajgain spoke with the Morcha chief for about 30 minutes, checking on his health.

Later, the Kurseong MLA told the media that Gurung's health had significantly improved at STNM Hospital over the last two days. His health was deteriorating on the day he was brought here, but he said it has since improved significantly.

Regarding the GJM president's medical treatment in Gangtok, Bajgain said it was an appropriate decision for the patient, given the pleasant weather and relatively quieter environment of the hill town compared to the sweltering summer heat and hustle on the plains.

"Another reason was that Sikkim's healthcare sector has advanced dramatically in the last three years under the SKM government. In many sectors, Sikkim has progressed significantly, but in the health sector, Sikkim has made significant progress," said Bajgain. He also mentioned that the GJM president was suffering from heart problems, for which the STNM Hospital was an excellent choice, as the state-run facility is known for having the best cardiology department in the region.

When asked about the BJP's position in the upcoming GTA elections in the Darjeeling and Kalimpong hills, Bajgain stated that the BJP will not run in the GTA elections because the hill body does not meet the Gorkha community's aspirations, as recently stated by the Union Home Minister in Siliguri. In its election manifesto, the BJP has mentioned the Permanent Political Solution (PPS), which is a separate state for the Gorkha community, as well as working on the tribal status of the Gorkha communities who have been left out, he said.

The Kurseong MLA said that the GJM president's recent hunger strike against the GTA polls had brought the people of Darjeeling hills together and given them new hope. He stated, "In my opinion, Gurung's hunger strike has brought unity among the hill parties who were heading in separate directions."


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Published On: Jun 02, 2022