Sikkim: Late night protest by NIT students alleging mental torture, physical assault

Sikkim: Late night protest by NIT students alleging mental torture, physical assault

Students of Sikkim NIT started a dharna from last night complaining about various issues. The students staged a protest till 1 am in the chilling night raising issues of mental torture, nepotism and favoritism in various instances.  

Raising the issue of fundamental rights of the students being curbed and having to face physical assault, one of the student shared a post on social media stating, "I am writing to bring to your urgent attention the dire situation faced by students at the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Sikkim. As students of this esteemed institute, we find ourselves in a distressing predicament where we are treated more like inmates than students"

"The atmosphere within the college is fraught with instances of monopoly, favoritism, and nepotism. Unfortunately, the faculty and other college staff have subjected us to mental and physical assaults on numerous occasions. Moreover, our fundamental rights, as enshrined in the constitution, are disregarded, as there is no provision for a student union and dissent is met with threats of fines and academic repercussions", added the student in the post.

The students have voiced concerns about their fundamental rights being disregarded, as there is no student union and any form of protest is met with punitive measures. The quality of education is reportedly compromised due to unqualified faculty members.

Basic facilities are also said to be lacking in the institute, with poor hostel conditions being a major issue. Students claim that they were made to sign an affidavit at the time of admission, prohibiting them from protesting or approaching external media.

They allege that their complaints have been ignored by the institute's director. The students have appealed for immediate intervention to address these serious allegations and ensure their rights and welfare are protected at NIT Sikkim.

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