Sikkim's butterfly bonanza: 44 species spotted in Lachung valley

Sikkim's butterfly bonanza: 44 species spotted in Lachung valley

A recent expedition in Sikkim's Lachung Valley has revealed the presence of 44 butterfly species across different altitudes. Organized by the Wiki Love Butterfly (WLB) project in collaboration with local partners, the expedition offered a fascinating glimpse into the region's rich biodiversity.

Led by the Thamblyok-BSONS team, the journey spanned altitudes from 1663 meters in the Chungthang belt to 4276 meters in the valleys of Yumthang, Damong, Katao and Chungthang. Among the finds were rare species like Ladakhi and Swallowtail, adding to the natural beauty of the area.

"It's awe-inspiring to witness the diverse sizes, colors, and patterns of these butterflies," expressed the group stating the importance of engaging youth in butterfly documentation.

The maiden expedition for Thamblyok-BSONS in Lachung marks a significant step in the ongoing efforts to document and conserve North Sikkim's butterfly populations. By recording species data, the group not only contributes to scientific understanding but also promotes eco-tourism and environmental education in the region.

"Lachung emerges as a prime destination for butterfly enthusiasts, offering not just visual delights but also insights into the delicate ecosystems of the Himalayas," remarked the Thamblyok-BSONS team.

The expedition also highlighted intriguing aspects of butterfly behavior, including their affinity for flowering fields and their unique habits around livestock sheds.