Important Things to Know About Playing Online Rummy

Important Things to Know About Playing Online Rummy

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Rummy has always been an immensely popular game in India. With the advancements in technology, the only difference made in the game is that it’s now available online as well. Online rummy has the same rules just as when you play such betting games offline. It is the same game with thirteen cards, and you have to make winning sequences or sets. Online rummy can be played without or with jokers and has several variants.

Regardless of the type of rummy you play, given below are the crucial things you need to know about playing the game.

1 Arrange all the Cards Properly

Properly arranging the cards gives you a quick view of all the cards that you have. Any properly arranged hand of cards is easy to meld. It minimizes your risk of accidentally discarding the cards you require. When you properly arrange all the cards, you have a clear idea of the cards you don’t need. It is also a good idea to arrange cards in alternate black-red combos so that it is easy to differentiate between the suit of playing cards.

The most preferred way to arrange your cards is to go from the left, beginning with the pure sequence. The rest of your cards can be melded to the right. The unwanted cards can be grouped and put on the rightmost side because it gets easier to discard those cards. Of course, how you want to arrange your cards when you play rummy online or offline is at your discretion.

2 Do not Forget the Joker

It is always important to keep in mind that the joker chosen at random is called the wild card joker. Usually, the beginners try to discard this joker unknowingly, which usually turns out to be a wrong move as the game progresses.

One more thing to remember is that you need to try and discard the cards that have the same sequence and remain closer to the rank of that wild card joker. In most cases, you will not be using those cards to meld.

3 Try to Get Pure Sequences in These Betting Games

When you are playing rummy, the topmost priority you should have is to get a pure sequence. The pure sequence comes from melding three or more consecutive cards coming from the same suit. You need to focus on making a pure sequence because you need it to declare the winning hand. Even when other players declare, having the pure sequence will ensure that you get the points.

When you get the wild card joker that you can meld in the pure sequence, make sure to use it as a regular card to form a pure sequence. It might help you in reducing the points after someone ends the game.

4 Discard the Cards with Higher Ranks

You should always try and discard the cards of higher value first. After you properly arrange your cards, you’ll know which cards have the least significance in the game. It is important to discard the cards with the highest rank from the list of the most unwanted cards. It will reduce the points liability even when another player makes his declaration.

5 Keep Tracking the Cards of your Opponent

A crucial rummy tip you need to remember is that you have to keep track of all the cards discarded by your opponent. When you have memorized those cards, go ahead and ensure that you only declare the cards that the player does not need. Gradually, it will help you get an idea about the status of cards your opponent holds. When the opponent starts taking more and more cards from that open deck, be assured that he is nearing the end of the game.

6 Don’t ignore the cards of middle value

When you play rummy, make sure not to ignore the cards of the middle value. You will have to value these cards because there is a greater chance of melding such cards into sequences and sets. High-value cards, such as aces, are harder to meld.

7 Drop the hand as required

Dropping the cards is not a bad idea at all times. When you think your opponent is nearing the end of the game, you might choose to drop the game. Also, it is a wise decision to simply drop the game when you are unable to meld any pure sequence as the game enters the final stage. Also, you can drop at the start of the game when you believe that you have an odd hand. When you drop the game before you make a move, you will only be getting little points.


So, those were the seven things you need to know about playing a game of rummy online. Now, try your hand at rummy and see how you fare in it.

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Published On: Apr 29, 2022