Internet Freaks out after Google Duo Accidentally Sends Virat Kohli's Message to International Users

Internet Freaks out after Google Duo Accidentally Sends Virat Kohli's Message to International Users

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Guwahati,June 1, 2019:

A message by Indian Skipper Virat Kohli meant for Indians on the video chat app 'Google Duo' has surprisingly found its way to international audiences, which has led to hilarity. This week, Duo is strangely sending push notifications to users around the globe with ads from the Indian Cricket team.

Continuing with the tradition, Google wanted to celebrate the launch of the twelfth Cricket World Cup with a special message to supporters of the Indian national team. However, there seems to have been a targeting glitch, as people in many other countries are receiving it, despite having absolutely no ties to the country.

This left many people from across the world which do not follow the gentleman's game, understandably baffled. Moreover, some users have even complained and alleged deleted the app after Indian skipper Kohli randomly started popping up on their screens.  The promotional message said, "Thank you for your wishes. Keep cheering for Team India on Duo."

Google has tried to  that the notification was not intended to go out to a wide audience. Apparently, it’s not an ad, but rather a message that was intended for users who “chose to participate in an upcoming Duo promotion.” Google explains on a forum post.

In an attempt to clear up the confusion, Google issued the following message: "This evening a video message was accidentally sent by Google to some Duo users. This was not an ad —   it was a message that users in India were intended to receive as a thank you if they chose to participate in an upcoming Duo promotion. We are sorry for any confusion this may have caused."

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