Assam: APCC formed an investigation committee to look into Batadrava case

Assam: APCC formed an investigation committee to look into Batadrava case


Assam Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) formed a special committee to investigate the mob attack at Batadrava Police Station. Bhupen Kumar Borah, the president of the APCC, has formed a committee led by Rana Goswami, who will serve as its chairman. Some MLAs and Congress leaders have been ordered to visit Batadrava Constituency right away to assess the current situation following the mob attack at Batadrava Police Station.

According to officials, after the death of a person in police custody, suspected miscreants set fire to the Batadrava Police Station and other government properties.

"The situation immediately spread alarmingly, resulting in terrible circumstances. Many local people's homes are being razed by bulldozers," officials stated.

However, the official added that the committee will thoroughly investigate the situation and speak with a number of people in order to determine the main causes of the incident.

Officials also stated that the committee should submit its report to the President of the APCC within two days.

Former MLA Anuwar Hussain Laskar has filed a complaint with the State Human Rights Commission regarding the Batadrava custodial death incident.

Meanwhile, Assam's Director General of Police (DGP), Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta, warned on May 22 that those involved in the Batadrava Police Station attack and those who believe they can get away with burning down a police station will face harsh punishment.

"So this is our assurance to peace-loving people of Assam, while we will not let go any police personnel found guilty, we will act even tougher against elements who think that they can escape Indian justice system, by burning down Police Stations. We will simply not allow this. Let this be the first and last warning to all antisocial criminal elements," he said in an official statement.