‘Barbered’ University comes to Biplab Deb's mind when he thinks about London

‘Barbered’ University comes to Biplab Deb's mind when he thinks about London

Biplab Deb Biplab Deb

AGARTALA: After revealing plans of the BJP to form governments in Sri Lanka and Nepal and giving ‘patent’ to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for inventing COVID-19 vaccine, Tripura chief minister Biplab Kumar Deb has ‘shifted’ Harvard University to London and ‘introduced’ a Master of Arts (MA) course in Chemistry in Tripura Central University.

While addressing an official programme at Tripura Central University, the chief minister also pronounced Harvard as ‘Barbered’ and said the university comes to his mind when he thinks about England or London. Deb was in the university to laying the foundation of a 150-seat boys’ hostel on Tuesday.

Stating that he wanted Tripura to be known for the name of Tripura Central University, Deb said: “When we think about England or London, pictures of the Cambridge University and ‘Barbered’ (Harvard) University come to our mind.”

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One of the oldest higher education institutions, established in 1936, Harvard University is situated at Massachusetts in the United States of America.

Deb’s antics while delivering public speeches have apparently made his social media team smart. It was observed in the social media live streaming that the man behind the camera stopped streaming as soon as the chief minister started taking about ‘Barbered University’ and about the ‘MA in Chemistry’ course only to resume when he finished the particular subjects.

The Masters course in Chemistry is known as MSc because the subject concerned involves Science.

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Deb, for whom Geography does not make much sense, had earlier said Amazon rainforest is in Africa. The Amazon rainforest is situated in South America.

His earlier comments about Union home minister Amit Shah's plan to form BJP governments in Nepal and Sri Lanka has already drawn diplomatic reaction from the neighbouring countries.

He had also stated that Modi has invented COVID-19 vaccine through indigenous methods and, hence, people of India were no longer affraid of coronavirus.