Half burnt dead body of a girl recouped, rape charged in Tripura

Half burnt dead body of a girl recouped, rape charged in Tripura

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The day, when the whole world was celebrating International Women’s Day, a grim incident was reported from Tripura.

A half-burnt body of a young girl was found at an abandoned place close to Sekerkote railway station that falls beneath the limits of Amtali police station on Tuesday.


The police said, the young girl was purportedly assaulted and afterward burnt to death.

Few local people spotted the half-burnt dead body.

Hearing tint and cry raised by the group of young men, local people surged to the spot and found the dead body of the young girl.

There were no dresses on the body and scars of egregious burn wounds were obvious, according to the eyewitness.

Soon a group of police from the nearby police station come to the spot.

The forensic team collected proof from the spot.

A few bottles, t-shirts were too recouped from the spot recommending that petrol-like substances had been utilized for setting her on fire.

Police sources said, "Prima facie prove recommends that the deceased was murdered somewhere else and the guilty parties dumped the body here. The investigation is underway to distinguish the deceased."


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Published On: Mar 09, 2022