Heavy rain expected over Assam from May 9: IMD

Heavy rain expected over Assam from May 9: IMD


From Monday (May 9) to Friday (May 12), significant rain is expected over Assam, according to the weather service (May 13). Notably, the monsoon arrived early this year, with heavy rain and storms seen across the state since Bohag Bihu.


From Monday to Friday, practically every district in the state will see rain, according to the weather bureau. According to data from the Assam State Disaster Management Authority, at least 18 persons were killed in Assam in April as a result of lightning and storms that slammed various sections of the state (ASDMA).


According to an official source, the severe weather has also caused damage to houses and other infrastructure. Since the beginning of April, the state has been experiencing significant rainfall and thunderstorms, according to the official, leaving a trail of destruction.

Since April 15, 14 people have been murdered by lightning and storms in just three days. According to the ASDMA investigation, at least two minors were among the dead.

According to the ASDMA bulletin, torrential rain and storms have affected 4,630 individuals in 325 localities during the last three days. During the month, almost 1,000 homes were damaged, as well as many schools and Anganwadi centres.

Many electric poles and trees have also been uprooted, disrupting power and blocking roadways, according to the ASDMA. The weather department further predicted that the highest temperature will be reduced to 22 degree Celsius from 33 degree Celsius.


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Published On: May 07, 2022