India-born Canadian MP Delivers Speech In Kannada in Parliament; video winning hearts

India-born Canadian MP Delivers Speech In Kannada in Parliament; video winning hearts


Chandra Arya, an Indian-born Canadian MP, is gaining popularity online after a video of his Kannada-language speech at the Canadian Parliament went viral. According to Arya, it was the first time Kannada was spoken in any parliament outside of India. Notably, Chandra Arya is from Tumakuru district, which is about 70 kilometres from Karnataka's capital Bengaluru. In the lower house of Parliament, Arya represents the electoral district of Nepean, Ontario.

In his speech, Arya said, “Honourable speaker, I am happy for the opportunity to speak in Canada parliament. India’s Karnataka state’s Tumakuru district’s Sira taluk’s Dwaralu village’s individual having been selected as MP and speaking in Kannada is a proud moment for over five crore Kannadigas. The Kannadigas in Canada observed the Kannada Rajyothsava in this House in 2018. I will conclude my speech with Rashtrakavi Kuvempu penned poem sung by Natasarvabhouma Dr Rajkumar ‘Elladaru iru enthadaru iru endendigu nee Kannadiganagiru (wherever you are, however your are, remain Kannadiga forever. Thank you speaker.”

Sharing the video, he wrote, ”I spoke in my mother tongue (first language) Kannada in Canadian parliament. This beautiful language has long history and is spoken by about 50 million people. This is the first time Kannada is spoken in any parliament in the world outside of India.”



Some of his Parliament colleagues also gave him a standing ovation. The video went viral, and Indians, particularly those from Karnataka, were moved by his moving speech and love for his mother tongue. Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai also shared the video and expressed gratitude to Arya for making Karnataka proud. He wrote, ”He has taken Kannada’s quintessence to a global level. Arya has literally shown that no matter how much a person achieves in life, one’s roots should always be remembered.”