Picking up signals of involvement of PFI in Batadrava Arson Incident: Assam CM

Picking up signals of involvement of PFI in Batadrava Arson Incident: Assam CM

Batadrava Police station Batadrava Police station

Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma claims investigators have found Islamist group Popular Front of India (PFI) may have been involved in the burning of Batadrava police station in Nagaon district

Sarma restated the demand of the Assam government that PFI and CFI be banned, citing their alleged efforts to destabilize the state. On May 21, a mob of angry people set the Batadrava Police Station on fire after an alleged custodial death of a local fish trader.

"Right from the Gorukhuti, we always see PFI's hand in the communal tension. Even in the latest Batadrava incident, when the Batadrava PS was burnt down, we are now picking up signals of involvement of PFI," he added.

The Assam government sent a report to the center requesting that the PFI and CFI be banned for their alleged role in inciting people during the Gurukhote eviction campaign in Darang district in September 2021, when two villagers were shot dead by police.

Sarma commented, "The Assam government believes that PFI and CFI should be banned. If you go to the Baksa district, the training program and the literature they are distributing to the masses shows that they want to destabilize Assam."

"I hope and trust that the Government of India will give due consideration to the state government's request." When asked if Jihadi elements were behind the attack on Batadrava Police Station, the Chief Minister replied that as the DGP has indicated accordingly, which means there are suggestive clues.

"Whether the clue has been transfigured to evidence, that is difficult for me to ascertain and comment upon right now because I am yet to review the case. By the end of this month, I will visit Batadrava. Then I will come to know," he added.


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Published On: Jun 02, 2022