Naga Hoho demands Centre to clarify its position on Indo-Naga dispute

Naga Hoho demands Centre to clarify its position on Indo-Naga dispute

Indo-Naga dispute Indo-Naga dispute

KOHIMA: In lieu of orchestrating its malicious actions against Naga people, Naga Hoho has demanded the Centre to make its position clear on the Indo-Naga dispute.

In a statement, it highlighted its dissatisfaction with "the Government of India's callous attitude" despite repeated efforts by many Naga civil societies and human rights campaigners to repeal the infamous Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958.

According to reports, since the severe rule was enacted, successive Delhi governments have remained quiet spectators.

The statement said that in the world's most democratic country, such draconian rules have no place in any civilised society. The Naga struggle for self-determination cannot be associated with "terrorism" or "secessionism," as the Government of India has acknowledged the distinctiveness of Naga political history, as well as the universal concept that sovereignty belongs to the people in a democracy.

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Furthermore, both the GOI and the Naga people (have) agreed to settlement that respects the aspirations of the people who share sovereign power and introduces new partnership for the GOI and the Nagas to have an everlasting and permanent connection.

"The politicians of mainland India must be aware that the Indian Army has terrorised the Naga people for over six decades. In the eyes of the Indian military, children and students are not exempt. The Assam Rifles have already killed school-aged students and tortured innocent students and the general public," the Naga Hoho added.

It further said, "We make this declaration in the context of an ongoing political negotiation and peace process between the Indian government and the Naga people, as evidenced by the signature of several agreements with Naga Political Groups (NPGs)."

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