Seasonal flood affects several locations in Indo-Bhutan Border

Seasonal flood affects several locations in Indo-Bhutan Border

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Seasonal flash floods have affected several locations along the Indo-Bhutan border. Several villages are filled with water. Continuous rain causes flood damage, and people pay the price almost every year. The flooding disrupted communication with the outside world.

"It has been raining since 5o'clock in the morning. Thirty houses of the area has been affected by the flood. The Water Resource Department has provided some help last year but it was not enough to stop the flood. we have filed lots of compliants so far and last month we gave an application to the DC but the repairation work is not done yet," stated a local woman.

Several schools and colleges, as well as hundreds of people houses, are under water in various locations, including Badlapara, Paneri, Naobandha, Dimakushi, Xuwala in Bhergaon in The Xhuklai River, and the Nala river flowing from Bhutan.

Meanwhile, the Regional Meteorological Centre in Guwahati has forecast continuous rain in most northeastern states until May 17. (Tuesday).

In addition, the centre has forecast thunderstorms and lightning, as well as strong to extremely heavy rainfall in isolated areas of Assam and Meghalaya.

Moisture intrusion from the Bay of Bengal, along with strong southerly and southwesterly winds, has resulted in this meteorological phenomenon.

Traffic advisories have been issued by the meteorological centre. People have been warned to stay away from regions that have frequent water logging. If heavy rain is forecast, cropped areas should have adequate drainage. The meteorological centre has also requested that everyone keep up with weather reports.



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Published On: May 15, 2022