SI Junmoni Rabha suspended from service soon after arrest; sent to jail

SI Junmoni Rabha suspended from service soon after arrest; sent to jail


Controversial SI Junmoni Rabha soon after arrest, was fired from her job by the Nagaon Superintendent of Police. In the meantime, Majuli police have detained Junmoni Rabha on suspicion of cheating.

Junmoni Rabha, on the other hand, has been sentenced to prison. She has been remanded in judicial custody for 14 days by Majuli police. Rabha was examined by Dr. Amulya Goswami, Superintendent, Gormur Pitambardev District Hospital, following her arrest. She was then taken into custody and brought before the court.

Junmoni, on the other hand, had transactions totaling around Rs 20 lakh in two accounts, according to the police investigation. Various contractors were duped by Rana Pagag, who was arrested in a cheating case. On the basis of a FIR, police arrested Rana Pagag, and an audio recording of Junmoni Rabha went viral shortly after Pagag's arrest, revealing that he was involved in money laundering.

SI Junmoni Rabha was assigned to the Koliyabar Police Station on May 12 after being transferred from Nagaon Sadar Police Station. She then spent two days at a woman constable's house in the Koliyabar police station to avoid the media. Koliyabar is home to the woman constable who sheltered Junmani Rabha.

Junmani Rabha was allegedly kept hidden from the media by Nagaon police. Rabha arrived at the Koliyabar police station on May 29 after a 16-day absence. Majuli police summoned Rabha two days after he joined the Koliyabar Police House.