Assam: Silchar Police seized at least 26 suspected Rohingyas

Assam: Silchar Police seized at least 26 suspected Rohingyas

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Silchar : On Sunday morning, the Silchar police seized at least 26 suspected Rohingyas. The party travelled by train from Delhi to Guwahati's Kamakhya station, then by road in two Innova vehicles to Silchar, arriving in the early hours of today, according to sources.

The 26-member team is made up of eight women, six men, and twelve youngsters. They have not, however, revealed why they travelled to Silchar. They are currently being questioned at the Silchar police station.

During Myanmar's persecution of Rohingya Muslims, all of them fled the country and sought refuge in Jammu and Kashmir, according to reports. After a few years, they moved to Delhi, and subsequently to Assam.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has described the Rohingya, one of Myanmar's many ethnic minorities, as "one of, if not the, most mistreated people in the world."

With a population of around one million at the start of 2017, the Rohingya are one of Myanmar's many ethnic minorities. The Rohingya Muslims, who make up the majority of Myanmar's Muslim population, live in Rakhine state.

They claim to be descended from generations of Arab traders and other nationalities who have lived in the region, and they have their own language and culture.


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Published On: May 29, 2022