TIPRA 's Pradyot Manikya demands 'Greater Tipraland'

TIPRA 's Pradyot Manikya demands 'Greater Tipraland'

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The tribal-based party TIPRA (Tipraha Inborn Dynamic Territorial Union) organized a mega rally in Agartala, that has been requesting a 'Greater Tipraland', showing their strength ahead of the following year's Assembly election in Tripura, causing concern to the major political parties.

In spite of the fact that TIPRA's 'Greater Tipraland' request remained dubious among a cross-section of the individuals because it has no provision within the Indian Constitution, the slogan largely pulled in the minority tribals, who constitute one-third of Tripura's four million population.

The request for a 'Greater Tipraland' was raised a few years back after the administering BJP's partner the Indigenous Peoples Front of Tripura (IPFT) got gigantic bolster from the indigenous tribals when, ahead of 2018, it vociferously requested for 'Tipraland' which looked for a separate State for the Tripura tribals, updating the existing Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council (TTAADC).

The politically important TTAADC has jurisdiction over two-thirds of Tripura's 10,491 sq km range and is home to over 12,16,000 individuals, of which around 84 percent are tribals.

Focusing on the 'Tipraland' issue, the IPFT within the 2018 Assembly polls secured eight of the 20 tribal reserved seats, which over the decades were the fortresses of the CPI-M.

" After the TIPRA, headed by Tripura's royal scion Pradyot Bikram Manikya Deb Barman, captured the politically-powerful TTAADC in April last year, the political significance of the new party in Tripura has been further reinforced."

Defeating the BJP and the CPI-M, the TIPRA scripted history within the Northeastern State by capturing the TTAADC, which is considered as the mini-legislative Assembly of Tripura.

Political circles watched that Saturday's first mega rally of TIPRA was bigger than the BJP's public gathering on 8 March and CPI-M's mass rally on February 24.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah and CPI-M general secretary Sitaram Yechury, the party's politburo members Prakash Karat and Manik Sarkar tended to the particular parties' gatherings.

On Saturday, TIPRA supremo Deb Barman announced to put up candidates at least in 35 seats within the following Assembly elections on its claim, putting a huge challenge to the BJP and the CPI-M.

While explaining about the 'Greater Tipraland' request the TIPRA leaders, said that under the concept they needed to improve the socio-economic conditions of the backward tribals living within the Northeastern States of India, neighboring Bangladesh, Myanmar, and connecting ranges.

In spite of the fact that the BJP, CPI-M, and the Congress are unequivocally contradicted to the IPFT's 'Tipraland' demand, the political parties are authoritatively not saying anything against the 'Greater Tipraland' demand, securing loss of tribals' support in the next elections.


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Published On: Mar 14, 2022