TMC is not only need of Tripura but for the whole country: TMC MP Santanu Sen

TMC is not only need of Tripura but for the whole country: TMC MP Santanu Sen

TMC MP Santanu Sen TMC MP Santanu Sen

GUWAHATI: Santanu sen, Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament of Trinamool Congress said that the people of Tripura are far away from the light of development. The situation in places in the state is horrifying.

Sen said Despite the fact that Tripura is such a small state which is run by a double-engine government, it is very unfortunate to see the condition and situation of the places in a distance of hardly 5-10 kilometers ahead of the state capital, Agartala is surprisingly horrible.

They need a change, they want democracy, peace, harmony, and development, and therefore, they as well as all other political leaders who have joined TMC recently have started believing that the change they need can only be given by Mamata Banarjee.

"The people of Tripura know that the change they need can be given by none other parties than the TMC," he added.

He went to say that TMC is not only needed of Tripura but the TMC and Mamata Banarjee is need of the whole country now.

The Biplab Deb-led BJP government in Tripura is scared and they have already started listening to their final bell that has started ringing.

They know that they are losing their ground every day and therefore they have become politically mad and that is why they are coming up with activities such as attacking TMC leaders and members alongside TMC’s all India general secretary Abhishek Banerjee when he visited Tripura last month for the election campaign.

Trinamool Congress will provide the Tripura people with real Political freedom in 2023.

The next Tripura Legislative Assembly election, to elect all 60 members of the state's Legislative Assembly, is scheduled for or before February 2023.

The Tripura Legislative Assembly's term is set to expire on March 13, 2023.