Udaipur tailor beheaded for post supporting Nupur Sharma

Udaipur tailor beheaded for post supporting Nupur Sharma

Udaipur tailor beheaded for post supporting Nupur Sharma Udaipur tailor beheaded for post supporting Nupur Sharma

On Tuesday, a shopkeeper in Udaipur was killed in broad daylight, sparking tensions. The shopkeeper, Kanhaiya Lal, was killed by two men who chopped his head off and then made a video in which they admitted to the murder in response to a social media post in favor of Nupur Sharma. 


According to the reports, the murder was in response to a post made by the shopkeeper's eight-year-old son endorsing Bharatiya Janata Party leader Nupur Sharma. Recently, Nupur Sharma's divisive remarks about the Prophet Muhammad made headlines.


It is worthy to note that the police detained the two suspects in the Rajsamand district's Bheem neighborhood. While attempting to escape, the accused were apprehended. 


Satish Poonia, the leader of the Rajasthan BJP, criticized the Ashok Gehlot-led state government and asserted that the incident was the result of the “appeasement policy of the CM and the Congress.”


“What kind of government is this Ashok ji, where Kanhaiya Lal does not have the freedom to support anyone but Mohammad Riyaz has the freedom to kill? Riyaz has also shown violent feelings towards the Prime Minister. Riyaz should be taken into custody immediately and his terrorist links should be investigated,” Satish Poonia tweeted.



He added, “Today's incident in Udaipur proves that Hindu is not safe anywhere under Congress' Ashok Gehlot's rule. It is the result of the appeasement policy of the Chief Minister and the Congress that the criminals are raised in spirit and the fear of law has ended.”



Reacting to the incident, BJP leader Amit Malviya said, “Two Muslim men behead Kanhaiya Lal, a Hindu shopkeeper, inside his shop in Udaipur. They then release a video of the act and another owning up to the crime, brandishing machetes used and vow to kill Prime Minister Modi. Ashok Gehlot, however, has promised “thorough” investigation...”



BJP leader Bhupender Yadav condemned the Congress government in Rajasthan, calling the incident "reprehensible."


“The brutal murder of an innocent man in Rajasthan’s Udaipur shows that the Ashok Gehlot government is running a jungle raj. This is what happens when a dispensation makes appeasement its governance model. Reprehensible state of affairs,” tweeted Bhupender Yadav.