Using bulldozers and destroying houses of any citizens is an illegal act: AAMSU

Using bulldozers and destroying houses of any citizens is an illegal act: AAMSU


Assam Minorities Students’ Union (AAMSU) on Thursday slammed Assam Government for using bulldozers and destroying houses of accused involved in Batadrava Police Station fire case. AAMSU urges appropriate measures and necessary actions for conducting a thorough inquiry pertaining to the inhuman, brutal and barbaric action of the administration under Government of Assam.

“Using bulldozers and destroying the houses of any citizens no matter whatever his crime, is an illegal act, arbitrary, undemocratic and unconstitutional to the core”, AAMSU wrote in a press release.

“With reference to the Batadrava Police station fire case, when on 20th of May/2022 a person named Safiqul Islam aged about 39 years, resident of Nagaon district was picked up by Assam Police personnel and brought to Batadrava Police Station at about 9.30 P.M without any criminal offence committed by him. Till today no FIR has been lodged levelling any charges against the aforesaid person”.

“He was illegally picked up, detained in the police station and mysteriously in the morning hours his dead body was handed over to his family members. The local public and the family members of the deceased suspecting custodial torture leading to Safiqul’s death got infuriated and gheraoed Batadrava Police Station. Some members of the crowd attacked the Police Station and set fire to it. On the next day of the morning the Police instead of searching and apprehending the offenders who set fire on the Police Station were seen using Bulldozers to destroy the houses of the alleged offenders”.

“It is necessary to mention herein that the house of the deceased Safiqul Islam was also destroyed, his wife had to flee due to the extreme aggression and arbitrary action of the Police. His children were forced to roam in the open without food and a roof over them. The district administration did not issue any notices of eviction or videograph their illegal action. The Police personnel did not comply with any provisions of search as enumerated under Section 91-102 of CrPC. The Police personnel while conducting the search operation to apprehend the offenders misbehaved and assaulted the members of the alleged offenders who were on the run. Those who were apprehended were mercilessly tortured. The Police administration did not even bothered to outrage the modesty of the women folks.”

“Further torturing the family members of the alleged offenders and forcing them along with young children to live in the open without food and a roof over them is an extreme violation of human rights guaranteed under Article 21 of the Constitution of India”. AAMSU further stated.


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Published On: Jun 02, 2022