Pradyot Debbarma says Tiprasa Accord gives people the 'right direction'

Pradyot Debbarma says Tiprasa Accord gives people the 'right direction'

Tipra Motha chairman and Tripura royal scion Pradyot Debbarma today said that the Tripartite Treaty is a step in the right direction for people.


Tipra Motha chairman and Tripura royal scion Pradyot Debbarma today said that the Tripartite Treaty is a step in the right direction for people.

Speaking on Facebook Live, Debbarma stated that the people have got the right direction in the form of the accord. He also said that a lot of hard work needs to be done if the accord is to be implemented in spirit. 

"Many people are celebrating. You can celebrate, but many accords have been signed before. But they were never implemented. Because we signed accords, we celebrated, after that we did not do work, we were not disciplined. Everybody thought about themselves. This accord gives the right direction. But if we have to implement the accord in spirit, we have to remain disciplined, we have to work three times more than what we have so far," said Debbarma. 

The Tipra Motha chairman came on Facebook Live post the signing of the historic accord between the Government of India, Government of Tripura and the Tipra Motha. 

Debbarma also said that they are now going to form a committee and discuss with stakeholders to carve the road ahead. 

"All the Tiprasas who are non-political, we have to take them and form a committee and take their views and within a timeframe, I hope of about six to eight months, we have to fulfill all our rights department wise be it in terms of our land rights, our political rights or our economic rights," he said. 

Noteworthy is as per the accord, a joint working group or committee shall be formed to work out and implement the mutually agreed points in a time-bound manner to ensure an honourable solution. In order to maintain a conducive atmosphere for implementation of the agreement, all stakeholders shall refrain from resorting to any form of agitation or protest during this period, starting from the day of signing. 

Pradyot Debbarma also remarked that the signing of the accord has hurt certain people who had been reaping benefits from the problems of the Tiprasa people. 

"Some will condemn us. Some will complaint. A lot of businesses will shut down today. Because some people were reaping benefits till the issues of the Tiprasas continue to persist. This is why I am saying that this is not the Motha's victory but of the community. But there is still work left to do even after signing the accord," said Debbarma. 

In a landmark event hailed as a pivotal moment for Tripura's future, the signing of the TIPRASA Accord has garnered praise from Home Minister Amit Shah, who lauded the efforts of all stakeholders involved, including Pradyot Debbarma, in achieving this historic agreement.

During the ceremony, Home Minister Amit Shah stated the significance of the accord, highlighting its role in acknowledging past mistakes while paving the way for a brighter future. "Today, with this accord, we have respected history and rectified our mistakes, charting a course for progress," stated Shah.

The accord, a tripartite agreement among the Government of India, the Government of Tripura, and the Tipra Motha, marks a significant step towards addressing longstanding tribal grievances and ensuring their rights. Shah commended the constructive role played by Tipra Motha, tribal parties and organizations in the success of the accord, acknowledging their contribution to the peace-building process.

Reflecting on the broader context of northeastern development, Shah credited the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in fostering peace and prosperity in the region. He highlighted the series of accords signed under the Modi government's tenure, including the recent TIPRASA Accord, which brings the total to eleven agreements aimed at fostering peace and development in the Northeast.

Edited By: Joydeep Hazarika
Published On: Mar 02, 2024