Tripura: A video of businessman assisting surgeons sparks inquiry at IGM hospital in Agartala

Tripura: A video of businessman assisting surgeons sparks inquiry at IGM hospital in Agartala

A video showing a businessman assisting surgeons during an operation at IGM Hospital in Agartala has sparked controversy and initiated an inquiry by the Tripura Health Department. The department is probing whether such a collaboration was sanctioned or if any rules were breached during the operation.


A video has surfaced on social media showing a businessman, known for supplying orthopaedic implant materials, assisting surgeons during an operation at the IGM Hospital in Agartala .

The Tripura Health Department has taken immediate action by launching an investigation into the matter.
The video, which went viral, captures the man wearing a surgeon's apron and actively participating in surgical procedures alongside two orthopaedic surgeons at the state-run hospital on January 19.

Prompted by public concern the Tripura Health Department has initiated a thorough probe to understand the circumstances surrounding the incident. Officials are looking into whether this collaboration was authorized or if any rules and regulations were violated during the surgery.

The IGM Hospital in Agartala is a well-known healthcare facility and any breach of protocol during medical procedures raises questions about patient safety and proper medical practices. The health department aims to get to the bottom of this matter to ensure transparency and uphold the standards of medical care in the state.

As the investigation unfolds, the community awaits further information about the incident and the actions that will be taken to address any potential lapses in protocol. The health and safety of patients remain a top priority, and the authorities are committed to maintaining the integrity of healthcare practices in the region.

Edited By: Krishna Medhi
Published On: Feb 11, 2024