Tripura BJP gears up for Lok Sabha poll with intensive training camp

Tripura BJP gears up for Lok Sabha poll with intensive training camp

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Tripura is intensifying its preparations for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections with a comprehensive training camp.

Tripura BJP gears up for Lok Sabha poll with intensive training camp Tripura BJP gears up for Lok Sabha poll with intensive training camp

In preparation for the upcoming crucial Lok Sabha elections, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) conducted an extensive three-day training camp for its elected representatives in Tripura. 

The training targeted members of Urban Local Bodies, including Municipal Corporations and Councils across the state, with the aim of equipping them to be effective leaders. Commencing on November 20 and concluding on November 22, the camp sought to enhance the abilities of elected officials to serve their constituents efficiently.

Addressing the media at the Tripura BJP headquarters on Thursday, Mita Nath Bora, the BJP Central Training Committee secretary, emphasized the party's commitment to "Seva". 

She highlighted the importance of elected representatives being proficient in discharging their duties to ensure that essential services reach the common people.

Notably, a similar training initiative had been undertaken in October for elected representatives from Rural Local Bodies up to the Panchayat level. This time, approximately 320 members of Urban Local Bodies, including the AMC Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Councillors, and other representatives, underwent training to enhance their ability to serve the public effectively.

During the training sessions, discussions emphasized the crucial role of coordination between elected representatives and the common people in their respective areas. Bora stressed the need for leaders to proactively engage with the community, understand their problems, and take appropriate actions to address issues.

Highlighting success stories, Bora mentioned instances where elected representatives, despite limited government funds, personally resolved issues raised by the public. She also cited examples of positive outcomes from various government schemes, demonstrating that people were benefiting from both state and central government initiatives.

When asked about the public response in anticipation of the upcoming Lok Sabha polls, Bora expressed confidence. She stated that the outreach efforts of BJP leaders and workers, coupled with the trust shown by the people due to overall development, indicated that the BJP was poised to secure another term with a significant mandate.

Edited By: Bikash Chetry
Published On: Nov 23, 2023