Tripura: Lightning strike claims one life in Unakot, injure three others

Tripura: Lightning strike claims one life in Unakot, injure three others

A lightning strike in Tripura's Unakoti District led to the death of one person and left three others injured. The incidents took place in two different locations within the Kailashahar sub-division.

Story highlights
  • Lightning strike claims one life in Tripura's Unakoti District
  • 3 others injured in separate incidents
  • Victims receiving medical treatment, caution urged during thunderstorms

At least 1 woman died while 3 others were injured after a lightning strike in 2 separate locations under the Kailashahar sub-division of Unakoti District in Tripura.

In Golakpur village, a lightning bolt struck a group of women working in a Jum field, leaving 1 dead and 2 seriously injured. The deceased, identified as Chong Halam (47), succumbed to the lightning strike on the spot. The injured, Nirchonghai Halam and Lelpuini Halam, were rushed to Unakoti District Hospital for urgent medical attention.

In a parallel incident at Manu Valley Gram Panchayat area, Sanjay Bauri (22) was struck by lightning while working in the tea gardens. Bauri lost consciousness immediately and was swiftly taken to the hospital for treatment. His condition remains critical.

Medical teams are attending to the injured at Unakoti District Hospital, emphasizing the need for caution during thunderstorms and lightning-prone weather.

Edited By: sanchayaita roy
Published On: May 30, 2024