Tripura: Youths physically assault doctor at Agartala hospital, medical community raises safety concern

Tripura: Youths physically assault doctor at Agartala hospital, medical community raises safety concern

A doctor was assaulted by a group of youths at a government hospital in Agartala, Tripura, raising serious concerns about the safety of medical professionals. The medical community is calling for stricter security measures and legal action against the perpetrators.


A doctor was assaulted and injured by a group of youths while he was on duty, attending to patients at a government hospital in Agartala. 

The incident has left the medical community in turmoil who raised serious concern about the safety and security of medical professionals who are often at the frontline, especially during emergencies.

The injured doctor told reporters, "I am a third-year PG student. I came for night duty. In the parking lot three youths abused me. The security guard and a policeman came to my rescue. I wanted to file a police complaint. Later when I parked my vehicle then 4 people confronted me and assaulted me. They held my bike and hit me on my head."

According to eyewitnesses, the confrontation began when a group of young men entered the emergency ward and were reportedly agitated over the treatment of a relative. 

After heated words were exchanged, the situation quickly escalated as the youths attacked the doctor, leaving him bloodied and in need of immediate medical attention.

Hospital staff and security personnel intervened to restrain the attackers and protect the doctor, who sustained several injuries.

The doctor was promptly treated and is currently stable. Police arrived at the scene and launched an investigation. Preliminary reports suggest that the altercation was fuelled by a misunderstanding about the treatment process. 

Authorities detained several individuals involved in the incident and are conducting further inquiries.

The medical community has expressed outrage and concern over the attack. Doctors and healthcare workers have emphasized the need for stricter security measures in hospitals to ensure their safety. Many have also called for legal action against those who threaten or harm medical professionals.

Edited By: Avantika
Published On: Jun 02, 2024