Video shows Barbaric approach of Tripura authorities towards CAB protestors

Video shows Barbaric approach of Tripura authorities towards CAB protestors

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Guwahati, January 12, 2019:

After a bandh had been called on January 8 to protest the controversial Bill by the Northeast Students Union (NESO), many indigenous people who fear the erasure of their identities, came out to raise their voices against the Bill.

In many places, and especially in Tripura, the protestors came under the boot of the government. Clashes broke out in Khumulwng, 25 kms from Tripura capital Agartala, where eighteen people were injured. Some even sustained bullet injuries.[0]=68.ARAt5XGn0MjtxJXYyMSmW5Dy9PslIoGhnFn3Y6WEmz9WbNQmKS1_kO_YxhGw1WQwkENlk-6V8MI7PJUgYpVqAUCCn9KAulD9vxrh8BFJnCjQWxpXfmJYT5C_hUfo4AvlvHA2BpXZSgbigA9g5ruRyinZ8V73k4ZjxxTnBg_eWI0VRuPAnGYZtajB3m9yoeFNARmnx4IaCdZpoRUlU7eH2Yvnby9eq-XseWkiYQopl7DMTe4EBTpydDdsXGFWD8hZdQEWklfSXGNE0x1-0jrVPoaYRGL8qpjisSv8ldU7VA-MA19E_5PwuGNX05lH3zZ-WvGuJj6WgAJ9CKMMoGEAovK7UV3PCQppP0NPPQ

A video has surfaced on social media which shows the jawans of the Tripura State Rifles (TSR) open fire on a dilapidated hut. The video posted by Pradyot Vikram Manikya Debbarma, who is an indigenous person, shows brutal force used by the Tripura armed forces to curb the rebellion against the implementation of the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill.

Speaking exclusive to InsideNe, Manikya, who had uploaded the video, alleged that the jawans were shooting to kill. “Six people were shot. The jawans were not firing in the air. The TSR who was shooting was in no threat”, he added. He also reiterated that people have a right to protest. He also criticized the politicians for forgetting their promises to the people and added that indigenous people are “disappointed”, “angry”, “hurt” and “let down” by the leaders.

Manikya also added that the North East will no longer be dumping ground of foreigners and added that the burden of foreigners should be borne by all of India. He also slammed the Tripura regional parties for their reluctance to walk out of alliance with the BJP in view of implementation of the Bill.