Tripura CM Manik Saha participates in Rath Yatra festivities, emphasizes peaceful celebration

Tripura CM Manik Saha participates in Rath Yatra festivities, emphasizes peaceful celebration

Tripura Chief Minister Manik Saha inaugurated the Rath Yatra festival at Melaghar, expressing immense joy over the peaceful celebration and the collective efforts to ensure safety and harmony. Speaking at the event, Saha highlighted the cultural significance and the communal spirit surrounding the festival, "It's a pious Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannath. It's not happening only in India but in the world. It's a tradition going on for a long time...I extend my best wishes to the people of Tripura and the country, I pray that all goes well", says Saha.

“Yesterday, I inaugurated the traditional Rath Yatra at Melaghar, which is being held today. Over 400 stalls were set up, and people from Bangladesh also attended. During the princely regime, the temple moved to Melaghar when the partition took place. The temple of Lord Jagannath has many stories, and it signifies that on this day, God comes and stays with us. The meaning of Jagannath is 'Lord of the World," said Saha.

 Saha addressed the ISKCON-organized Rath Yatra in Agartala, referencing religious texts such as the Brahma Purana and the Padma Purana to underscore the rich cultural heritage associated with the festival. He shared his personal experience of visiting the Jagannath Temple in Odisha during the Covid-19 restrictions, noting the symbolic reopening of all temple doors shortly after his visit, which he interpreted as a sign of divine presence and protection.

Reflecting on last year’s unfortunate incident at Kumarghar in the Unakoti District, Saha explained the proactive measures taken this year to ensure safety. He mentioned his direct communication with all District Magistrates and District Superintendents of Police through video conferencing, where he provided several key suggestions.

“I provided them with some suggestions, including maintaining the height of the chariot. I instructed them to have ambulances, power department personnel, and personnel from the Tripura Police and Fire and Emergency Services on standby. This has been well-maintained in Melaghar and here too. There is no greater happiness than seeing a joyous festival celebrated without any incident, and everyone will work together to make it happen,” he added.

The festival saw an impressive turnout, with over 400 stalls and attendees from Bangladesh, reflecting the enduring cultural ties and the spirit of unity. The Rath Yatra, a significant event in the religious calendar, was marked by vibrant processions and devotional fervor, with the participation of people from various walks of life.