Cole Park: Assam’s Little-Known Archaeological Gem

Cole Park: Assam’s Little-Known Archaeological Gem

Lets us know about Cole Park, a hidden gem that gives us a peek into Assam's ancient history and a prominent archaeological site of the state.

Joydeep Hazarika
  • Feb 23, 2024,
  • Updated Feb 23, 2024, 2:53 PM IST

Tezpur is called the cleanest city in Assam, and back in the day the WHO gave it the distinction of being the cleanest city in India. Though the options here are many for sightseeing, one spot which more people need to visit is definitely the Cole Park. The Cole Park is an archaeological gem that not many people know about. Located in Tezpur city, this place gives you a gimpse into the grandeur and beauty of the history of ancient Assam and the art and culture associated with that period. 

What’s so Special?

Located in the central portion of the city, Cole Park is basically a park built around an archaeological site. Later after undergoing renovation, it was renamed as the Chitralekha Udyan. But old timers still refer to it as the Cole Park. Once you enter the place, it takes you into a surreal world of bygone era where Assam’s ancient history comes out alive. The archaeological remains here affirm that it was originally built during 9th or 10th century A.D. The prime attraction of the park is the two majestic pillar constructions in stone with exceptional carvings that is believed to be the remains of Bamuni hills built during the 9th century.

Ancient History Galore

Some of the most exquisite statues and structures that one can ever think of seeing out in the open and not inside a museum can be found here. There are statues that show dancers in exquisite poses, nymphs in groups on certain stone panels and also rock structures that have been kept in the exact same positions when they were found out. They point out to the majestic structures that once stood on the spot ages ago. Most obviously, the highlight among these stone structures is the main panel of pillars that is the central attraction of the place and houses a rock panel with engravings of several gods on it. This was the main portion of the temple that used to exist on the spot.

Bhomoraguri Inscription

Another attraction is the famous Bhomoraguri inscription that explains the ancient strategy of building bridges across the river Brahmaputra. At present, the Kolia Bhomora Setu or the bridge that is built with concrete exists across the river. The ancient Bhomoraguri inscription is kept in the park for public view. This ancient strategic inscription describes the intellectual approach to the construction or engineering strategy of bridges that is relevant even today. The Kolia Bhomora Setu is named after one of the greatest Ahom generals that Assam ever saw in its history.

Beauty of Cole Park

Another attraction of the park is the horseshoe shaped lake where paddling and rowing are allowed. Several exhibitions are also conducted in the park. It is a great picnic spot for students and school children as the place serves the purpose of recollection of historical importance and recreational activities. Limited yet exciting amusements are the major attractions for children. The display of jet fighter model MIG 21 of Indian Air Force and concrete made map of India never fail to get the attention of children and adults alike. Over the years, the place has added other attractions as well such as bumping cars, restaurants and others. But the main attraction remains the archaeological remains that mesmerise everyone who visits the place.

What to Expect Nearby?

The Cole Park is also located close to other worthy sightseeing spots of Tezpur such as Agnigarh Hill and Padum Lake. Though one can visit the park at any time of the year, It is highly recommended that you go there during the winters. If by luck there is a mild fog in the area, the archaeological remains among the mist gives out a surreal feel of other worldliness. It is a feeling which can only be experienced, but never described properly. 

How to Reach?

Well Tezpur is one of the major towns of Assam is fairly well connected via the road network so reaching there is not a problem. Also there are ample options for accommodation in the form of hotels and lodges in Tezpur town. 

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