Arunachal MLA Gokar Basar commits to comprehensive development for Basar Assembly Constituency

Arunachal MLA Gokar Basar commits to comprehensive development for Basar Assembly Constituency

Arunachal Pradesh's MLA Gokar Basar has pledged for comprehensive development in the Basar Assembly Constituency. The initiatives will aim at improving the socio-economic status of the region.

Arunachal MLA Gokar Basar commits to comprehensive development for Basar Assembly Constituency Arunachal MLA Gokar Basar commits to comprehensive development for Basar Assembly Constituency

Arunachal Pradesh's MLA Gokar Basar has committed to comprehensive developmental work for the Basar Assembly Constituency. 

The initiatives aim to improve the socio-economic status of the constituency. 

Speaking to the people of Old and New Dari and Tirbin village under Dari circle in Leparada district on Saturday evening who joined to the party of team Gokar in view of the upcoming election, 29th Basar Assembly Constituency, sitting MLA Gokar Basar said that, he will always work for the people and their all-round development.

MLA Gokar Basar was speaking this while welcoming several people totalling around 68 members to his party on the evening of 20th January at Old and New Dari villages amidst the presence of his party leaders, ZPMs and GPMs including retired officers. 

When asked about his developmental agenda for the upcoming election, Basar said that he will keep working for his people, especially in the field of education, the health sector, road communication and implementation of all flagship programmes of the central and state government.

“I was given a chance to work for the people as MLA by outsiting former MLA and Minister Gojen Gadi from the people of 29th Basar Assembly Constituency. I didn’t have the monetary capacity to defeat a big minister like Gojen Gadi who was among the 3rd richest men in Arunachal Pradesh during the 2019 assembly election. But people of my constituency, especially the deprived community fielded me by their own contribution, so it's my moral responsibility to live upto the expectation of my people”, added young leader Gokar Basar. I am also working for better road connectivity with Pasighat via Dari-Koyu-Kora/Korang-Mirem-Bilat-Ruksin etc by liaisoning with the MLA Nari, MLA Likhabali and Pasighat West MLA so that people from my constituency gets the better medical facilities from Bakin Pertin General Hospital, Pasighat etc. I have done many developmental works in my constituency within 4 and half years of my tenure with the support of Chief Minister, Pema Khandu and shall continue my effort if elected again, added Basar candidly while sitting with his people in a fireplace in one of his newly joined party worker at Old Dari village.

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In the field of sports, I have worked hard to give a platform to our young sportsmen and also brought several head offices of engineering within Basar in my tenure. Basar also categorically stated that he is happy that his constituency has become one of the fairly and fully implementing all the central and state government flagship schemes meant for the people.  When asked about his reaction on the money culture during the election, Basar said that he does not believe in winning elections by money. “I myself is the best example of defying money culture in elections. If money meant everything in winning elections, I wouldn’t have won the last election. So, I believe more in performance than buying votes by money to hide/cover up one’s poor performance. At the lines of Chief Minister Pema Khandu who discourages money culture in election, I too ardently discourage money culture in election, added Basar who is likely to join BJP with Pema Khandu and clean swipe again.

Speaking on the performance of Gokar Basar, retired officers like Hengo Basar, a retired Dy. Commissioner on Sunday said that sitting MLA Gokar has done several developmental works for the welfare of people of 29th Basar Assembly Constituency. “In every field Gokar Basar has done enormous developmental works and such good performance will again get him votes this time again. Right from education sector to health and road connectivity, sports and cent percent implementation of every flagship scheme of centre and state government, Gokar has shown his commitment toward the development of 29th Basar. And we believe in the leadership of Gokar who works one step ahead for the welfare of his people of 29th Basar without any compromise by even presenting a report card of his 4 and half years developmental works”, added Hengo Basar.

Meanwhile, villagers of Ego Rijo led by Head Gaon Burah, Kemo Rihar and Gotu Aja, Gaon Burah along with other villagers like Bajir Rihar, Mojum Rihar, Yombom Rihar under Dari circle of Leparada district have alleged huge anomalies and scam on a PMGSY road from connecting highway to Ego Rijo village. 

The villagers have alleged that Zila Parishad Chairperson of Leparada district Nyabi Jini Dirchi who is an aspirant of MLA for 29th Basar in the upcoming election has misappropriated the funds meant for the road construction. The villagers have said that the ZPC had started the construction of the said PMGSY road by saying that the road construction is being done from her side without any government funds. But later it was found out that a total of five crores funds were drawn against the road construction. 

“Our agricultural lands (wetland cultivation) were damaged for the construction of the road, but we have not paid any compensation yet. In case of any government funding she has assured us to pay the compensation, but that money is being misused by the ZPC”, added the villagers.

Meanwhile, Rini Riba, one of the retired forest officers (IFS) from Dali village under the same Dari circle who inspected the road and agricultural field areas along with the affected villagers, has alleged huge discrepancies in the entire execution of the road project. 

“There already exists a carpeted road connecting Ejo Rijo village to the highway, there was no need for another road passing through the agricultural lands of villagers. ZPC Nyabi Jini Dirchi has constructed the road just for her own benefits which connects her lands to the highway and the village. Taking advantage of power at the finance department, she had received funding of rupees five crores and misappropriated the funds without paying compensation to the farmers. So, we demand for a detailed investigation into the PMGSY road project and we appeal to the state government led by Chief Minister, Pema Khandu to stop such corruption”, added Rini Riba.

Edited By: Atiqul Habib
Published On: Jan 23, 2024