Arunachal: Delightful homestay run by elderly couple becomes most sought-after tourist destination

Arunachal: Delightful homestay run by elderly couple becomes most sought-after tourist destination

A beautiful homestay right near the water where you can relax on the veranda and watch the goings on of the river on the way to Tawang in Arunachal has become one of the most sought-after tourist destinations.

Jamiri Homestay is one such place in the West Kameng district of Arunachal near Naag mandir where one can have the best quality time. 

This homestay is run by an old couple one husband who belongs to the Aka community of West Kameng and  Monpa wife of Dirang. 

Both couple starts their work at 5 am and witness huge tourist inflow in their premises.

Jamiri homestay is named after the village Jamiri itself crossing the newly inaugurated Nechipu tunnel of the West Kameng district. 

The owners are wholesome, and each and every service provided by Homestay is appreciable as at a reasonable price one enjoys a plethora of services. 

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All the essential factors are there at there. The ambience is very safe at the same time very neat and clean. One of the best homestays in west Kameng near Sessa, Arunachal Pradesh. Starting from the owner Bachilu the most amiable and down-to-earth person one can meet along with his hard-working wife. Bachilu Libasow is so friendly that one can feel it as own shelter. 

The food is just finger-licking good, served hot and fresh. The place is wonderful. The rooms are hygienic, fully decorated with pinewood and pocket-friendly for everyone.  The hospitality of the entire family was such that every tourist admired it feeling almost like staying in a 5-star Hotel. 

This homestay has wooden rooms, tents, and rooms with a kitchen if u want to cook on your own. There is a flower nursery and more than 400 varieties of flowers and plants can be found in the premises maintained by the hardworking wife of Bachilu.

This homestay is located right next to the highway to Tawang. 

The owner of Jamiri homestay revealed that initially, he and his wife did not intend to buy the land to build their own home but later made it to the homestay developing the land for eight years. 

To ensure the homestay would blend in neatly with the surroundings couples made wooden homes and restaurants by themselves. 

"We hope to spread our positive influence around the world so that it will become a better place as hard work pays off slowly” husband stated.