Assam: ARSU, ARWC and SSDC take out a protest rally demanding inclusion of RHAC in Sixth Schedule

Assam: ARSU, ARWC and SSDC take out a protest rally demanding inclusion of RHAC in Sixth Schedule

Previously, ARSU and its sister organizations had protested for the same and the protest rally was held on National Highway 17 (NH), where around 500 people participated.

Protest rally Protest rally

All Rabha Students' Union (ARSU), All Rabha Women Council (ARWC), and Sixth Schedule Demand Committee (SSDC) took out a movement around 50 kilometers, where Kamrup District Committees started from Kenduguri village Boko to Dhupdhara through National Highway 17.

Besides this, Goalpara District Committee started from Dudhnai to Dhupdhara through National Highway 17 (28 kilometers) on March 29. 

Kamrup District's movement was led by Nripen Khanda, President, ARSU, and Goalpara District's movement led by Pradip Rabha, General Secretary, ARSU. 
It is to be mentioned that, ARSU and other sister organizations severely protest against the BJP-powered state government for the inclusion of Rabha Hasong Autonomous Council (RHAC) areas in the Sixth Schedule under the Indian Constitution. 

Their other demands are to transfer the power and functions to the RHAC as mentioned in the Rabha Accord and create a development council for the Rabha people residing outside of the RHAC area.

"We have the long pending demand to include RHAC areas in the Sixth Schedule. Despite being deprived from the past governments to fully fulfil our demands to save our community along with other communities living in the RHAC area, for equal development to all communities, and to save our community's new generation. That is why we started 'Padyatra' to fulfil our demand as soon as possible" said Nripen Khanda, President, of ARSU.

"Many times governments promised us to fulfil our demands but till now they show tremendous deficiencies of goodwill to fulfill our long pending demands", added Khanda.

“We condemn the government for not fulfilling our demands till today. We Rabha community are ready to give an assessment in the future politically to the BJP party and their worker" said Nripen Khanda.  

"If we don't get any fruitful results from the government we will project our own candidates in Guwahati Lok Sabha Constituency Election along with State Assembly Election and Panchayat Election so far," added Khanda.

More than five thousand people from Rabha, Bengali, Gorkha community’s people and ARSU, ARWS, and SSDC members gathered at Dhupdhara and the movement concluded there with a short speech that a huge mass gathering protest will be held in Dudhnai on 9th April and in Boko on 3rd April.

RHAC executive members Sumit Rabha, Aditya Rabha, vice president Ramakanta Rabha, ZPC Vice President Komburam Rabha, ARSU organization secretary Ankur K. Rabha, ARSU Kamrup District President Ananda Rabha, and many other leaders took part in the mass movement.

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Edited By: Amit Chaurasia
Published On: Mar 29, 2023