Assam: KMSS protesters clash with police, demands CBI probe into alleged corruption in irrigation schemes

Assam: KMSS protesters clash with police, demands CBI probe into alleged corruption in irrigation schemes

Members of KMSS clash with the police during a protest rally in Guwahati, demanding action into the failed schemes of the irrigation department in providing water to the drought affected areas of Assam.

KMSS protest KMSS protest

Members of Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti (KMSS) came out on the streets of Guwahati to protest against the irrigation department for the failed government schemes that have impacted the farmers affected due to the drought like situation in many parts of the state. 

In the ongoing protest, few of its members even clashed with the police after they were being taken away in the bus.

In a letter to the Chief Minister of Assam, the KMSS remarked, “You must have noticed that almost all the districts of Assam are currently experiencing unprecedented drought. With normal rainfall declining significantly compared to the past, drought-like conditions in each district are now a matter of grave concern for the general farming community. Agricultural fields in most districts are reeling under severe drought due to lack of water. In such a situation, the farmers are frustrated that the central and state governments have not yet taken any measures to provide relief to them. The government has implemented various schemes in the name of irrigation in the fields, but the real farmers have not been able to benefit from such schemes.”

Alleging vast corruption in the name of providing water by the irrigation department, KMSS further slammed the government saying, “Most of the irrigation projects set up by the state irrigation department in the name of implementing schemes are currently dysfunctional and are not functional in the manner in which it can provide water to the fields. Since Independence, the Central and State Governments have spent thousands of crores of rupees in the name of creating irrigation system in the fields of farmers of Assam, but a large amount of that fund has gone into the pockets of ministers, officials, employees and contractors of the department.”

Calling all schemes a big failure of the presently running government in Assam, the KMSS highlighted the distressing condition the farmers are facing due to the drought like condition. “The department mentioned the launch of a scientific survey to create a detailed 'database' of any kind of infrastructure development activities but in reality they have all converted to mere word-of-mouth. Not a single fruitful and remarkable work of irrigation schemes in Assam has been observed during your tenure. As a result, the fields are facing cracks and the gradual drying up of crops, including paddy, jute and vegetables, has left farmers in deep distress,” said KMSS in its letter to the CM.

It may be mentioned here that the KMSS members carried out a protest rally in Guwahati today with few of its members clashing with the security personnel after they started raising slogans against the government and the irrigation department. 
The police had to forcefully take away the protesting KMSS members in a bus to clear out the roads for the moving traffic.

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