‘Bodos, Tiwas, Mishings etc will be reduced to tiny minorities if CAB is implemented: Pradyut Bordoloi

‘Bodos, Tiwas, Mishings etc will be reduced to tiny minorities if CAB is implemented: Pradyut Bordoloi

Pradyut Bordoloi Pradyut Bordoloi

Nellie, April 16, 2019:

Electioneering for the second phase of the Lok Sabha elections enters its last few hours, the Congress candidate from Nowgong Constituency, Pradyut Bordoloi, is campaigning with full gusto. Bordoloi let loose on the BJP party and lashed out at the saffron party due to their attempts to implement the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2016.

While addressing a crowd of supporters here, Bordoloi warned that the Assamese community will be endangered if the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill is implemented. “The BJP has resolved to wipe out the Assamese community. People from all over the world who will come here will go to see the sample of Assamese people because they will preserve the Assamese people and keep them inside cages.”

Bordoloi further warned that the various indigenous tribes like the Bodos, Tiwas, Mishings, etc will be reduced to a tiny minority if the BJP and RSS are allowed to hang onto power and people would have to go to zoos the last survivors of these indigenous communities.

Speaking exclusively to InsideNE from Nellie, the site of one of the biggest communal massacres in world history, he said: “1983 holocaust is now behind us, and the Congress signed the Assam Accord with former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Tarun Gogoi’s rule mended the wounds. But, divisions are back because of the BJP. They have again started creating fissures. The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill would create divisions between Assamese and Bengali Hindus. In Nagaon, they have been playing one community against another.”

The former Minister also accused the BJP of creating polarization between the Hindus and Muslims. “I have been able to transcend the boundaries of religion and language”, he said.

The Congress candidate Bodoloi will go toe-to-toe with the BJP hopeful Rupak Sarmah for the Nowgong Lok Sabha Constituency seat during the second phase of polling on April 18.



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Published On: Apr 16, 2019