Opposition Congress says, BJP-led Assam Govt supplies duplicate fertilizers to farmers

Opposition Congress says, BJP-led Assam Govt supplies duplicate fertilizers to farmers

Assam BJP Govt Assam BJP Govt

GUWAHATI: Opposition Assam Pradesh Congress Committee (APCC) has reacted to the 'Model Citizen Charter for Village Panchayat' scheme recently launched in Assam by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led Assam government.

APCC, Spokesperson, Basanta Kumar Sharma said, the farmers are not getting a fair price for agricultural products, the government has cheated the farmers by supplying duplicate fertilizers to them.

Though Panchayat and Rural Development Minister of  Assam, Ranjeet Kumar Daas has said that it is aimed at providing good governance and good services to the citizens of the rural areas.

The Opposition party questioned: "Is the government is not able to provide good governance and good services to the common citizens of the rural areas without charging fees?"

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"Has the minister, as well as the government side, keeping track of the level at which Assam's rural economy is currently in position? After demonetisation, everyone has seen the economy of the country now reeling under lockdown due to the corona epidemic, so did the government want to impose taxes on such people to meet the need for money," Sharma added.

Minister Ranjeet Daas earlier the day announced that people living in the village area will also have to take panchayat permission if they build houses.

Sharma said it has left the villagers across Assam unhappy because taking the permission of the panchayat made it certain that the villagers had to pay taxes for the construction of houses. In such a situation the common people living in the village got into another red tape violation of the government.

The APCC further questioned that "how can the people, who are unable to pay the higher rate of land, bear the burden of new taxes imposed by the new charter of the government."

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"Whether the new charter will not create a middleman by tax ingestion, and this will make the victim the common man. how will those who want to open a small shop and live in a house or who want to live at home move forward by paying taxes to the panchayat?" adding this the party opposed the BJP government's move to impose the tax burden on middle-class villagers by creating beneficiaries by adopting new schemes.

What is ‘Gram Panchayat Citizens’ Charter' ?

The basic objective of the ‘Gram Panchayat Citizens’ Charter is to empower the citizens in relation to public services and improve service quality on the lines of Citizens' expectations.

The creation of the Charter brings professionalism in Panchayat functioning and helps to reach out to all sections of the community without any discrimination. The standards committed by the Panchayats are useful yardsticks for monitoring and evaluation of service delivery.

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Published On: Aug 06, 2021