Alleged Assam Police spy held in ULFA-I camp says 'recruiter' Manash Chaliha trying to save himself

Alleged Assam Police spy held in ULFA-I camp says 'recruiter' Manash Chaliha trying to save himself

The alleged Sub Inspector of the Assam Police, Manash Borgohain, who has been held at a camp of the banned militant outfit United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA-I) has stated that Manash Chaliha is the zonal head of the police's Special Branch and is deliberately denying any link to Borgohain and save himself. 

In a fresh video that was released, Manash Borgohain, who was allegedly sent by Assam police to spy at the ULFA-I camp, has said that Manash Chaliha is acquainted with him and talked of the link between them. 

"Manash Chaliha has said that he does not know me in any way. I want to say that he is lying because he is trying to save himself. He knows me personally because my girlfriend Sumi Borah, who hails from Dergaon, is old friend with Pinky, Manash Chaliha's girlfriend. They have studied in the same school and hail from the same village. And being their boyfriends, we also know each other. He is the zonal head of SB. Manash Chaliha looks after the operation and training of the recruited persons of the SB and also is engaged in recruiting people. He has deleted all photos and other information about us and is now saying that he does not know me," said Borgohain. 

Borgohain further said that Manash Chaliha is telling everyone that is an organic farmer and not an officer of the SB. The alleged spy said here that Chaliha is saying this so the link does not come back to him whenever anybody gets caught. He further said that Manash Chaliha is also involved in giving training to women recruits so that they can honey trap ULFA-I leaders. 

"The way Manash Chaliha has treated me, the same way he has given training in sex education to the women who he had recruited. he gave special training to these girls to honeytrap leaders of the ULFA-Independent. Everybody knows that Manash Chaliha gives off jobs and attracts them via monetary incentives. Surgeries have been conducted on women so that they can sexually attracts leaders of the ULFA-Independent," he said. 

The fresh video of Borgohain making these statements comes in after the ULFA-I on February 1 released a letter questioning Assam police for not taking any action against Manash Chaliha.

In a letter, the banned outfit stated, "We have noticed that Chaliha made some serious allegations and insulting remarks against the ULFA (I) chief through his Facebook live yesterday and this will surely be considered."

Further, the outfit in its letter stated neither the ULFA (I) chief nor any member of our organization has telephoned Manash Chaliha and there is no need to do that.

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The banned militant outfit United Liberation Front of Asom-Independent (ULFA-I) on January 28 released a confessional video of Manash Borgohain, one of its members who has been suspected of spying.

The video, shared on YouTube, showed ULFA-I leaders announcing the arrest of Manash Borgohain alias Mukut Axom for 'breaching' the outfit's Constitution. 

Following his arrest, Mukut Axom through a video message confessed that he was sent by Assam state authorities to spy on ULFA-I. He revealed his work with the Special Branch of Assam Police since 2021 and his involvement in a mission to monitor ULFA-I's activities. 

In his confessional video, Mukut Axom said, “I have been working in the Special Branch of Assam Police and as a sub-inspector since 2021. My ID No is – IG8371963421. Through this Id no. you will be able to identify me as SB’s sub-inspector. I have been kept engaged in a special mission since being inducted in the Special Branch in 2021. Through that mission, I was directed to work against ULFA-I and keep a tab on the organisation’s activities. Through continued enactment and efforts to gain the trust of the members of the group, we were over a period of time able to gain the trust of the organisation.” 

“Following this, I joined ULFA-I in November. It was my mission to join ULFA-I. There was no such ideology brainwashing before joining the outfit. It was completely a mission. I was made part of the mission by Manash Chaliha and Digambar Pandey while I was directed for the mission by GP Singh, Partha Sarathi Mahanta and Bhaskarjyoti Mahanta who was the DGP in 2021," he further said in the video. 

Following this on January 31, Manash Chaliha spoke to the media said, "I don't know Manas Borgohain and have no such contact with me. I passed engineering in 2012 and have been working in several multinational companies since then till now. No one has anything to do with me whether it is the police or ULFA."

"Since 2012, I have often been out of Assam for work. Manas Borgohain claimed that I am the zonal head of SB or an officer of RAW. This is completely baseless. From 2021 to 2023 I was working outside Assam in Vijayawada and Meghalaya for work. For the last one year, I have been working with the government in Aizawl, Mizoram. Now I am planning to leave that work and do business on my own," said Chaliha. 

Manas Chaliha has alleged that he has been suffering from anxiety and insecurity since the video published by ULFA (I). The youth said he and his family members were also worried.