Assam: Doctors find dead fetus inside the stomach of 5-month-old baby in Barpeta

Assam: Doctors find dead fetus inside the stomach of 5-month-old baby in Barpeta

In a bizarre incident, a dead fetus has been found in the stomach of a 5-month-old baby in Assam’s Barpeta.

Doctors at Kasturi Medical College and Diagnostic Centre were baffled after sonography reports of a baby revealed a rare segment inside the 5-month-old stomach.

The matter came to fore after the doctors conducted a sonography on the request of the baby’s mother who felt her child was not behaving normally and felt a tight lump around the baby’s stomach.

It was only after sonography reports came out, it was confirmed by the doctors that the child had a dead fetus in his stomach. 

The doctors have called this as a very rare case, mostly seen in one in every 5 lakh children. 

"A woman came here with her 5-month-old baby saying that she felt a tight lump on the right side of her child's stomach. The woman said that her baby would cry a lot and felt uneasy. After observing the baby, we suspected that it was a rare medical condition which occurs only in one among 5 lakh children and found mostly in male child. Further tests proved that a fetal segment was developing inside the baby's stomach, but was dead. We call such cases as fetus-in-fitu according to medical terminology. Although the baby has been delivered, the fetus still remains inside the baby. Although there are little complications, evaluation will be needed yet we have to find out where the fetus is attached, in which side of the baby's stomach. Further evaluation is needed apart from sonography such as MRI, evaluations by other doctors will be also needed", said a doctor looking after the case.

In medical parlance it is called fetus-in-fito. Such rare occurrences are notice mostly among male kids, said the doctor.

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