Assam: Massive fire engulfs Duliajan shops, no casualties reported

Assam: Massive fire engulfs Duliajan shops, no casualties reported

A late-night fire broke out at a commercial establishment situated in the No. 1 Chalakataki area of Duliajan on Tuesday, triggering a swift response from the fire brigade of Oil India Limited.

The firefighters arrived promptly at the scene and launched into action, battling the raging blaze with determination. Despite the intensity of the fire, their tireless efforts eventually led to its extinguishment after a prolonged struggle.

However, the relief brought by the successful containment of the fire was tragically short-lived. On the return journey, the fire brigade team encountered misfortune as their vehicle met with an accident, veering out of control and crashing off the roadside. Reports indicate that three firefighters sustained injuries in the unfortunate incident.

While the flames have been subdued, the aftermath of the incident casts a shadow of concern. Local authorities, including the police, have initiated an investigation into the matter. Their aim is to uncover the precise circumstances that led to the devastating inferno and the subsequent accident, ensuring accountability and preventing such incidents in the future.