Assam: Safety and health issues emerge after gas leak in Tinsukia's Panitola

Assam: Safety and health issues emerge after gas leak in Tinsukia's Panitola

Safety and health issues emerged in Panitola village in Assam's Tinsukia after a massive gas leakage came to the fore.

Following the gas leak, there has been now a threat to the adjoining areas.

''Gas has been leaking along the road for the past few days but the gas company authorities have not taken any steps to stop it,'' said a source on March 18.

In a similar incident, recently an FIR was filed against Oil India Limited (OIL) after a gas condensate leak from an oil well.

On March 8, the region experienced fear of an uncontrollable gas condensate leak from the oil well operated by OIL. The incident occurred due to a technical problem at a suction pipe on the surface level of the BGI well in Baghjan.

After discovering the technical issue, technical experts instantly stopped the leak by closing the well. However, locals had requested the cessation of all drilling operations until safety measures are established in the region.

It is worth mentioning that the Baghjan disaster in May 2020 has been the center of attention with the ongoing issues of Oil India Limited. Well number 5 at Baghjan has been erupting wildly with gas since May 27, 2020, and caught fire on June 9, 2020, which has claimed the lives of two firefighters so far.

The Baghjan Oil Field has 21 active wells, of which 4 produce natural gas while the remaining produce oil. Baghjan Oil Field's Well No. 5 was established in 2006 and produces natural gas. 

Drilling at the Baghjan 5 well was being outsourced to an Ahmedabad-based firm, John Energy.

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