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Uddhav Bharali-The journey of the master innovator

Uddhav Bharali the master innovator who came up with 147 innovations visited the Royal Global University in Guwahati for an interactive session with the students.

He started the interactive session with his journey from 1990 when in 1988, his family was in debt. So he decided to start a polythene making business. However, instead of spending about a lakh rupees on buying a machine, he designed his own for about 67,000 rupees. This was the beginning, after which the list of his innovations increased. In his deliberation, he said that he started earning money by his innovations, which were very helpful in agriculture and small industries. He firmly believes that theory follows innovation, knowledge and practical application should go hand in hand. He is fascinated by the beauty of innovation for they should be affordable and applicable for the end user. Bharali asked the students to look for the unusual in the most common things of life. Through innovations new areas for employment should be generated and respect for one’s brain must be there.

Learning and performing go hand in hand. His inventions of cassava peeling machine, pomegranate deseeding machine and others have generated enough money for him to take care of orphans, senior citizens, widows and differently abled people.

His motto is to invent and support instead of asking for donations. His sense of humour and humbleness belied the innovative genius that he was.