North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has lost up to 20 kilos: Reports

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has lost up to 20 kilos: Reports

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NEW DELHI: According to a South Korean lawmaker briefed by a spy agency, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has lost up to 44 pounds but has no major health issues affecting his rule.

Kim Byung-kee, a lawmaker briefed by the spy agency National Intelligence Service said that Kim recently lost between 10 and 20 kilograms (44 pounds).

Byung-kee said that there is no abnormality in Kim's health as there are no signs that drugs are being imported to the clinic that's in charge of Kim's health.

According to the spy agency, Kim Jong Un still hosts "hours-long meetings" and there's nothing unusual about how he walks.

It needs mention that the 37-year-old North Korean leader was out of the public eye for much of May, and when he reappeared in a June video showing him chairing a government meeting, he looked much slimmer.

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Kim's weight is tracked by spy agencies for insights about the autocratic and secretive regime in Pyongyang, especially since his family has a history of heart disease.

In November, Kim weighed about 140 kilograms according to spies, but they didn't provide an estimate in this briefing.

Meanwhile, another lawmaker, Ha Tae-keung, has said there's no evidence Kim Jong Un has had a coronavirus vaccine.

The two organizations play leading roles in South Korea's nuclear power research.

Kim warned last month that the "food situation is now getting tense."

North Korea's perennial shortages were made worse by typhoons last year that wiped out crops and Kim's decision to shut borders due to Covid-19.

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Published On: Jul 08, 2021