Music Director Joi Barua Urges People for Preservation of Deepor Beel

Music Director Joi Barua Urges People for Preservation of Deepor Beel

Joi Barua Joi Barua

Guwahati, June 10, 2019:

Assamese music director Joi Barua has urged the people of Guwahati as well as Assam to get involved in the preservation of Deepor Beel.

Endorsing #LetsSaveDeeporBeel campaign initiated by Inside Northeast, Barua said, “I think Deepor Beel is one precious resource that we have. It is a huge place for birds. It has been an Elephant corridor. You built railway right through an elephant habitat. Lots of birds come out there.”

Urging the people of Guwahati as well as Assam ‘to take bigger cognizance of what Deepor Beel is going through’ Joi Barua said, “I hope we learn in good time to take care of our resources of what natures endow us with and be good towards preservation of habitat.”

He said, “I as an artist fully endorse the conservation of this habitat. It is one of the few places left. I think many of us are ignorant about what it is.”

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Deepor Beel is considered as one of the biggest lakes of the Brahmaputra valley. It is surrounded by steep highlands on the northern and southern sides and its main sources of water are the Kalmani and Basistha Rivers.

About 18 genera of phytoplankton are found here in this Beel. There are also many deciduous trees in this basin of which the most commonly found is the teak. Many other medicinal plants, aquarium plants, and orchids of commercial value are found in the surrounding areas of the lake.

This Beel is also a habitat for a wide variety of birds some of which are even migratory birds. The spot-billed pelican is the main attraction here. The Siberian crane is also spotted here many times.

Among the animals, one can find the snakes, turtle, tortoise, lizards and many species of fishes. Many wild animals like the jungle cat, Chinese porcupine, Asian elephants, and leopard have been preserved here.

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