Manipur: Five children allegedly tortured at Nashik school in pretext of free education, rescued

Manipur: Five children allegedly tortured at Nashik school in pretext of free education, rescued

Five children from Manipur were allegedly tortured at a Nashik school where they were promised free education. They have been rescued by the Department of Social Welfare, Government of Manipur, in collaboration with the Maharashtra government.


As children are one of the vulnerable groups in the strife-torn state of Manipur, five children who had taken to Maharashtra with a false promise to provide free education were allegedly tortured and harassed by members of newly admitted schools. 

Department of Social Welfare, Government of Manipur rescued them safely with the support of the government of Maharashtra. 

Alluring with a fake promise to provide free education at Shree Swaminarayan English Medium School, Nashik, Maharashtra, five children from Manipur aged between 9 to 15 were taken to the said state. On the contrary to that, the children were reportedly maltreated and subjected to harsh punishment.

Addressing media in a press conference held at the Department of Social Welfare today, its director, Ngangom Uttam Singh said that the department had received a complaint report from parents of four children whose wards were sent to Shree Swaminarayan English Medium School to get free education. The parents reported that their children are being subjected to harsh punishment and torture which is a clear violation of various provisions of children protection laws.

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Following the complaint report, his department approached the commissioner of Social Welfare, Government of Maharashtra requesting to rescue them. Consequently, the District Child Protection Unit, Nashik have rescued five children from the above-mentioned school. They reported five children to the District Child Welfare Committee, Nashik on February 3 at 2 pm, he added.

He continued that a team of his department brought those children to Imphal today. They will hand it over to their respective parents. 

“The department feels so grateful that many generous people link for children to get free education in this critical period of Manipur. However, those people involved in such activities should be very cautious before sending the children. They should verify the condition of the school and whether it is safe or fit. Even parents should search out about the school before sending them blindly,” he suggested while stating that the department is working at the best level for the sake of the welfare of children.

He also urged parents to avoid signing on blank paper or going through any document provided by the school authority before signing it. These documents can be easily misused or manipulated later. 

One of the victims told to India Today NE that, they had left Imphal as a team to Nashik on December 3 with the belief that they would get a good education. They were treated well for around one week. Since then, they gradually changed their attitude and started ill-treating by giving them harsh punishment without any appropriate reason. 

All five of them were unable to bear their torture as one of their friends got injured.

Edited By: Atiqul Habib
Published On: Feb 09, 2024