Manipur: Government launches various programmes to address grievances of displaced people

Manipur: Government launches various programmes to address grievances of displaced people

The Manipur Government has launched three programmes to address the grievances of displaced people, focusing on job opportunities and health facilities.


The Manipur Government  proactively launched three programmes on May 10, at Manipur State Film Development Society, aiming to address the grievances face by displaced people.

The initiatives focus at providing job opportunities to unemployed youth as well as health facilities to overcome psychological trauma associated with recent upheavals.

The programme was launched under the mentorship of Supreme Court appointed Committee, headed by Justice Gita Mittal. The programmes are - Skill Training Program for Internally Displaced Youths , Youth Coach Level 1 Certificate Program and Operationalisation of Primary Health Centre Borobekra (Jiribam) in Electronic Mode. 

Addressing the function, Gita Mittal said that a total of 2000 internally displaced youth from relief camps across the state will have the opportunity to undergo comprehensive training. The training will equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to secure employment in the thriving hospitality industry, thus facilitating their reintegration into stable and fulfilling lives. 

It was also informed that training will be taken up in 5 (five) training centres at Kangpokpi, Churachandpur, Bishnupur, Imphal East and Kakching.

Moreover, Mittal also said that in the light of the ongoing law and order challenges following the recent communal crisis in the state, many healthcare professionals, including doctors and paramedics, have been displaced, particularly in the hill districts. 

Recognizing the critical need to ensure continued access to healthcare services in affected areas, the state government has undertaken a comprehensive assessment of the situation. 

As part of this assessment, the government has identified the need to re-operationalize several affected health facilities through electronic modes by outsourcing to reputable agencies. 

In line with this strategy, Apollo Hospital Enterprise Limited, Hyderabad has been selected to oversee the reactivation of the Borobeka Primary Health Centre (PHC). Telemedicine services for OPD including consultations with specialist will be conducted electronically. This will further be extended to three more locations viz PHC Thanlon (Churachandpur), PHC Henglep (Churachandpur) and PHC Senvon (Pherzawl).
The collaboration with Apollo Hospital Enterprise Limited represents a proactive step towards restoring essential healthcare services to communities impacted by the recent unrest. 

By leveraging their expertise and resources, they aim to swiftly resume operations at Borobeka PHC and ensure that residents have access to quality medical care.

Mittal also informed that the government is launching Coach Certification Programme in Sports which
will provide an opportunity for 300 trainees recruited from across the state to undergo specialized training to become coaches in football, table tennis, badminton, judo, and weightlifting. 

The initiative aims to leverage the passion for sports among our youth as a means of healing and empowerment.

The certification programme will consist of a comprehensive two-week residential course, offering intensive training and mentorship to participants by TENVIC Sports, the training partner of the programme.

Training centres will be established at Khumanlampak, Imphal and Kangpokpi, ensuring accessibility to trainees from different regions of the state.

As a part of the programme, interaction with displaced people from Kangpokpi, Bishnupur, Churachandpur and Kakching was held through virtual mode.

Edited By: Avantika
Published On: May 10, 2024