Manipur violence: Tension grips Kangpokpi as intense public movement resurfaces over alleged murder of abducted Kuki-Zo members

Manipur violence: Tension grips Kangpokpi as intense public movement resurfaces over alleged murder of abducted Kuki-Zo members

Tension ran high in Manipur's Kuki-Zo-dominated Kangpokpi district following the alleged murder of abducted Kuki-Zo members.

Tension grips Kangpokpi as intense public movement resurfaces over alleged murder of abducted Kuki-Zo members Tension grips Kangpokpi as intense public movement resurfaces over alleged murder of abducted Kuki-Zo members

Tension ran high in Manipur Kuki-Zo dominated Kangpokpi district as intense mass movement resurfaced once again creating an atmosphere resembling a situation like that of the initial stage of Manipur mayhem that had erupted on May 3 following the four abducted Kuki-Zo brutal murder image got viral on social media.

The situation in Kangpokpi had already been very tense since the abduction of wedding party goers from Churachandpur were abducted on their way towards Kangpokpi side at Kangchup Chingkhong area allegedly by the mobs on November 7 morning and also the alleged illegal arrest of two innocent Kuki-Zo by Manipur police in connection with the missing two Meitei boys on November 5.

Enraged mobs at Kangpokpi protested in front of SP Kangpokpi's office yesterday afternoon as no outcome has surfaced after the expiry of CoTU's 24-hour ultimatum to the authorities concerned to rescue and bring back the abducted Kuki-Zo wedding partygoers safe and sound and released the two arrested Kuki-Zo.

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Hundreds of Kuki-Zo people across the district in more than five locations along the National Highway-2 began mass demonstrations on November 8 evening, though there was no disruption of the highway but intensified checking and frisking of vehicles along the highway.

Today, at around 4:30 p.m. the Kuki-Zo people across Kangpokpi district congregated at Brig. M. Thomas ground at Kangpokpi town and carried out a massive mass rally against the alleged illegal detention of two innocent Kuki-Zo at Senapati Police Station and the abduction/kidnapping of the four Kuki-Zo.

The rallyists approached the office of SP Kangpokpi via the National Highway-2 and held a protest in front of the SP office.

The protestors shouted slogans such as "Released the illegal detention of two innocent Kuki-Zo", "handover the four abducted Kuki-Zo", "We want justice", and "We want separate administration".

Five Kuki-Zo from Churachandpur's Bolkot village on November 7 en route to Kangpokpi's L. Phaijang village to perform nuptial ceremony practices, but, they were waylaid on their way and abducted by the Meitei mobs.

A 65-year-old Manglun Haokip, father of an Indian army soldier, who was one among the five individuals, had a narrow escape with critical injury as the Assam Rifles managed to rescue him. He was later airlifted to a neighbouring state and is under medical treatment in a critical condition.

The four others, two male and two female, namely, Nengkim (60), wife of the rescued individual Manglun Haokip, Neilam Haokip (55), wife of Ginkhai Haokip, John Thangjalam Haokip (25), son of T. Paoboi and Jamkhothang Lhanghal (40), son of Semkhohao Lhanghal, whereabouts had been not known after their abduction until the image of their brutal murder was viral this evening.

However, there is no report of any arrest in connection with the incident till the filing of this report.

Meanwhile, two individuals from the Kuki-Zo community were reportedly arrested by security forces in connection with the missing case of two Meitei boys on November 5. The police claimed the duo to be cadres of KRA (U) under Suspension of Operations with the Government. They were reportedly remanded in police custody till November 17.

However, the Kuki-Zo people strongly refuted the police allegation claimed the duo as innocent civilians, and demanded their immediate release.

After meeting the SP Kangpokpi, one of the Kuki-Zo womenfolk said that we had put up our demand to the SP Kangpokpi and also aired our disappointment over various issues with the enforcement of law and order, and administration with regards to dealing with the Kuki-Zo people.

She continued that as the public movement had begun, we would no longer tolerate any ill-treatment and stepmotherly treatment towards the Kuki-Zo people.

She also said that the sentiment of the Kuki-Zo people in Kangpokpi district has been deeply touched and we will not tolerate the illegal detention of our two Kuki-Zo by Manipur police at Senapati.

She then said that the two Kuki-Zo illegally detained by Manipur police must be released without condition at the earliest.

She also said that the dead bodies of the four Kuki-Zo people brutally murdered must be handed over within 24 hours to their respective families.

The Kuki-Zo women's leader warned that if our demands are not met within the stipulated time, we will no longer remain silent and intensify the mass movement.

Meanwhile, the Committee on Tribal Unity (CoTU), Sadar Hills Kangpokpi district imposed public agitation in all Kuki-Zo-dominated areas in connection with the arrest of two Kuki-Zo individuals and the brutal murder of the four Kuki-Zo people.

Ng. Lun Kipgen, CoTU's Media Cell Coordinator said that in pursuance of the expiry of the 24-hour ultimatum served to the concerned authorities to bring those five kidnapped family members of a wedding party from Kangchup Chingkhong on November 7 by miscreants for their safe return; it is however learned that two of the five have been brutally murdered and one was rescued by the Centre Security forces but the whereabouts of remaining two individuals remains yet to be ascertained.

He also said it is also learned that two Kuki-Zo individuals, Lunkhosei Chongloi of C. Aisan village at Saikul and Satgougin Hangshing of Khomunnom Village in Litan were arrested on alleged abduction cases of one Avinash Maibam and Ningthoujam Anthony of Akham Awang Leikai by the Senapati Police.

The Committee on Tribal Unity is constrained to impose public agitation in all areas dominated by the Kuki-Zo communities in Sadar Hills Kangpokpi w.e.f. from November 9 evening until the rest of the kidnapped family members are safely returned to their families and the concerned authority released our two Kuki-Zo individuals who are detained at Senapati Police Station on false charges of abduction without any condition.

Meanwhile, the Kuki Inpi Manipur demand the Centre Government, particularly the Ministry of Home Affairs to initiate stringent action measures in nabbing the culprits involved in the abduction of the five Kuki-Zo people.

Janghaolun Haokip, KIM Information and Publicity Secretary said that the gruesome murder of two Kuki-Zo individuals who were among five individuals forcibly abducted by the Meiteis categorically declared the outrageous intentions of the Meiteis and the Meitei-led Manipur State Government against the Kuki-Zo community.

He recalled that on the morning of November 7, a number of five Kuki-Zo individuals were going to L.Phaijang Village, Kangpokpi District, to perform nuptial customary practices.

He alleged that the militias and members of Arambai Tenggol intercepted their vehicle at Kangchup Chingkhong, and mercilessly murdered two of them while adding that the intervention of the central security forces barely helped rescue Manglun Haokip, a 65-year-old, resident of L.Bolkot, Lamka, who is now being hospitalised in critical condition while the whereabouts of the two others are still unknown.

"Such a bestial act of crime against humanity upon innocent Kuki-Zo civilians by the Meiteis remains unabated in the ongoing state-sponsored ethnic cleansing pogrom", he added.

He then said that the Kuki Inpi Manipur strongly demands the Government of India, particularly the Ministry of Home Affairs to promptly take stringent measures in nabbing the culprits and punish them according to the law of the land.

He also said that in this most horrifying incident of violence, swift and strict measures should be taken up by the central security agencies against the Meitei community in the same manner operations have been conducted at the Kuki-Zo areas.

He further said that the central government has the bounden duty and responsibility to ensure impartial justice to be delivered to the Kuki-Zo victims without further delay.

In the wake of the endless atrocities perpetrated by the Radical Militias in connivance with the Meitei-led Manipur State Government, it is crucial for the central government to realise the intensity and gravity of the ethnic cleansing against the Kuki-Zo community by the collective Meitei leadership, and therefore ensure appropriate security measures for the Kuki-Zo people and expedite the political dialogue for urgent political solution for peace and stability in the region, he asserted.

He also said that the central government must firmly respond to the anti-constitutional policies adopted by the meiteis; to safeguard the unity, integrity, and sanctity of the country.

The Kuki Inpi Manipur also expressed its deep concern about the alleged sluggish approach of the law-enforcing agencies against the demands of the Kuki-Zo civil societies for the safety of the abducted individuals.

Haokip further said that the concerned authorities must comparably take stringent and immediate action against the gruesome murder of the two individuals and the forceful abduction and detention of the other two whose fate lies on the commitment of the Central Government.

Edited By: Atiqul Habib
Published On: Nov 09, 2023