"No question of PM coming or not coming to state": Manipur CM N Biren Singh

"No question of PM coming or not coming to state": Manipur CM N Biren Singh

Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh has reiterated the central role of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in addressing the ongoing crisis in the state. "There is no question of the PM coming or not coming. All current activities in Manipur, including security measures, relief work, development initiatives, and peace talks between the Kuki and Meitei communities, are being carried out under the Prime Minister's leadership," stated CM Biren Singh.

The Chief Minister also highlighted a recently adopted resolution aimed at reviewing and enhancing efforts to restore peace in Manipur. "In light of the current situation, we have resolved to evaluate our actions under the guidance of the Home Minister and the Prime Minister to bring peace soon. There has been peace here for several days now," he added, signaling a commitment to sustained peace and stability in the region.

Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh has strongly defended Prime Minister Narendra Modi amidst criticism from Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party, asserting that the state government remains in constant communication with the Prime Minister regarding all aspects from security measures to relief operations.

Speaking in response to allegations that PM Modi has not visited violence-affected areas in Manipur, CM Biren emphasized, "Whether PM Modi visits Manipur or not is a separate matter. However, all our efforts, including rescue operations and relief distribution, are carried out under his leadership. He remains closely connected and briefed on every development."

The remarks by CM Biren come amid escalating political tensions following violence in Manipur, with the Congress questioning the adequacy of central government support.

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