Women organisation urges government to prepone upcoming Manipur Legislative Assembly

Women organisation urges government to prepone upcoming Manipur Legislative Assembly

Women organisation strongly condemned the state government for scheduling upcoming Manipur Legislative Assembly session from February 28. They demanded to prepone it at least three days from fixed date. 

Addressing media in a press conference held today, convenor of Ima gi Meira, Thokchom Sujata said that state government decided to begin 5th session of 12th Manipur Legislative Assembly, which is just one day before the completion of term for Suspension of Operation agreement with Kuki militants and governments, is very unfortunate.

She continued that people of the state has been demanding to convene Manipur Legislative Assembly session for several times to discuss about ongoing crisis and bring amicable solution. Last year in the month of August, Manipur Legislative Assembly session was seated for just 15 minutes something. Since then no session was held till date despite the fact that present crisis completed almost nine months.

She claimed that upcoming session is being convene for the sake of financial year but not in the interest of public. 

“People have been demanding to abrogate suspension of operation with Kuki militants and governments as it is one main reason to continue the crisis. The SoO term will be completing on February 29 but state government is convening assembly session from February 28. This shows that there wouldn’t be any time to discuss about SoO abrogation,”she expressed.

Urging to prepone the upcoming session at least for three days from fixed date, she said that it is not the time to just focus on financial year when the state is in difficult time. They should also think of discussing current crisis on the floor of assembly. 

She also questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not being able to visit Manipuri during his recent visit at Assam.

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