Naga political struggle not confined to area of Nagaland, reiterates NSCN-IM

Naga political struggle not confined to area of Nagaland, reiterates NSCN-IM

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DIMAPUR: The Nationalist Socialist Council of Nagalim's Isaak-Muivah faction has reiterated its stance that a final solution for the Nagas cannot only emcompass territory in the Indian state of Nagaland.

Stating that the natures of the Indo-Naga political history cannot be changed at the whims of anybody "under any given circumstances simply to suit misplaced narrative", the NSCN-IM said that the Naga political struggle is not confined to the geographical area of the Indian state of Nagaland.

"It is widespread all over Nagalim and the solution will also encompass all the Naga areas. This geographical coverage of Naga political solution is being seriously discussed in the Indo-Naga political talks pending final decision," it added in a communique issued during the death anniversary of Isak Chishi Swu (11 November 1929 – 28 June 2016).

The NSCN-IM said that its political conflict with India began only in 1947 when Jawaharlal Nehru refused to honour the Nagas’ Declaration of Independence on the 14th August, 1947, just a day ahead of India’s declaration of independence from the British.

In the years that followed, Nehru unleashed bloody bullets as he sent thousands of Indian troops to invade Nagaland killing countless Nagas and destruction of properties. This painful account of history was duly acknowledged by the GoI when the Framework Agreement (FA) was discussed and signed," the NSCN-IM further added in its statement.

In its communique, the NSCN-IM also took potshots at interlocutor R N Ravi who also serves as the present Governor of Nagaland.

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"Interestingly, during the talks that followed after the Framework Agreement was signed, NSCN Talk Team raised the issue of NNPGs. The then interlocutor R N Ravi blurted out in the negotiating table that he would kick them out if they would not agree with the Framework Agreement. However, things changed shortly as Ravi turned deceitful when he hijacked a few important points of the Indo-Naga political negotiations and framed it into the so-called Agreed Position."

The NSCN-IM said that this is the beginning of the downfall of Ravi’s credibility in the eyes of NSCN Talk Team.

"It is exasperating to see how Ravi shows himself as a crafty schemer desperate to destroy the Naga political issue as he focussed his attention to promote his blue eyed boys (NNPGs) to counterweight the NSCN and settle the Naga political issue under the Indian Constitution," it stated further.

"But the fact remains that the Indian constitutional process to solve the Naga political issue under the 9 Points Agreement, 16 Points agreement and Shillong Accord has ended in disaster. The irony is that what has failed in the past will not stand the test of time as NSCN’s political stand for honourable solution has withstood the test of time. NSCN shall stand the ground come what may," it stated, going on to add that it will not be swayed by money or any other offer.

The NSCN-IM further lambasted any possibility of finding a solution on the basis of the Indian Constitution.

"For those who have succumbed to the crafty designs of the GoI to bring Naga solution under the constitution of India should not harp on the past historical milestone like the Naga Plebiscite. This event represents the passion of the Nagas to be free people with their own political identity as symbolise by Naga national flag and Yehzabo (Constitution) and not to remain as suppressed people under the Indian constitution,' it added.

"Significantly, the political wisdom invested by both the GoI and NSCN in signing the Framework Agreement should be pushed forward to take the Naga political issue to conclusive settlement. There is no other way forward," it finally stated.

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Published On: Jun 30, 2021