Continuous rainfall triggers massive landslide in Eastern Nagaland

Continuous rainfall triggers massive landslide in Eastern Nagaland

Continuous rainfall over the past few days has caused a massive landslide in the eastern part of Nagaland, between Tuensang, Saddle, Noklak, and Shamator districts. 

A commercial vehicle was caught in the landslide and rolled into the jungle.  There are no reported casualties.

Meanwhile, the NSDMA, Home Department received reports of damages to houses, roads, bridges, breast wall of roads, fishery ponds, paddy fields, jhum cultivation and also loss of human lives due to natural calamity.

In Tuensang district, a report was received that two boys from Kejok village were carried away at Ayong nullah on June 28, 2024. The body of one boy was retrieved on the same day. The search operation continued till 3rd day with no sighting of the body and the operation was called off with consent from the father of the deceased and all parties involved in the operation.

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As per the assessment report from the ground, the Er-in-charge notified that the road between Mangangkhi and Yangli, Tuensang, one-way traffic has been restored, however since the land above the road is not stable therefore mud clearing is initiated with the help of the short-term maintenance contract (STMC) team.

According to reports, a youth drowned in Nsonji Lake in Tseminyu district. The National Disaster Response Force was called in to assist with the search and rescue efforts. The search and rescue mission, which included the NDRF, DDMA Tseminyu, and local volunteers, was called off after the body was successfully recovered at 04:40 pm on July 1, 2024.