Candidates having criminal records must ‘advertise’ it thrice: Election Commission

Candidates having criminal records must ‘advertise’ it thrice: Election Commission

Election Commission Election Commission

Guwahati, March 11, 2019:

How often have we seen a thief admitting his theft? It is difficult to get a confession out of even the most hardened of criminals, but as per the Election Commission’s hilarious new guidelines, the Lok Sabha election candidates with a criminal record must ‘advertise’ their criminal records in front of everyone at least thrice as per a rule laid out last year which will be implemented this year during the Lok Sabha elections for the first time.

Chief Election Commissioner of Assam, Mukesh Sahu, while addressing the media, said: “As per the new guidelines, the candidate will have to publish a ‘C1 form’ three times in local newspapers and also on television thrice. They will also have to inform their political party about their criminal background.”

Sahu also mentioned that the political parties will also have to give publicity to the criminal records of candidates fielded by them. Moreover, the criminal records of the candidates will have to be put out on the party websites.

So, this year the electronic media and the newspapers will be flooded with the

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advertisements of the criminal records of the candidates contesting in the General Election and all the hidden criminal record holders will get exposed.

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Published On: Mar 11, 2019